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Celebrities without makeup or filters

As technology improves every day, filters on our phones get more and more ridiculous. Makeup companies are creating never before seen products and selling them like never before. More people, especially women, constantly try to hide their natural beauty, but people are starting to encourage them to embrace and love …

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15+ times celebrities got caught lying

We all know that being a celebrity isn’t as easy as it seems. You always have to look good, follow every trend, and be positive and smiley everywhere you go. Now that social media is huge, even there, celebrities have to showcase their positive energy. Plus, they constantly work on …

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Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Reputations In Minutes

In 2019, you truly can’t pull off being a controversial individual. The web will get you out and cuss you until you profoundly lament posting that selfie that uncovered your staggering feeling of obliviousness or benefit. That is to say, Instagram “influencers” surprisingly ought to comprehend the significance of being …

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