25+ pictures of celebrities that transformed their bodies for a movie role

You may think that being an actor or actress is one of the easiest jobs in the world. The only thing they do is learn their lines and perform them in front of a camera. Although some movie roles only require learning the lines, some roles require the actors and actresses to transform completely.

To look and act as the character, they need to go through extreme weight loss or gain weight, build up muscle, and study how they act.

Here are some of the most extreme transformations actors and actresses needed to get a movie role.

1.Chris Hemsworth

Putting on some muscle for a role in the movie ‘Thor.’

2. Christian Bale

Losing weight for a role in the movie ‘The Mechanic.’

3. Chris Pratt


He had to lose weight and put on muscle for his role in the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal had to train pretty intensely to get his body ready for the filming of ‘Southpaw.’

5. Jonah Hill

The actor lost a ton of weight before the shooting of ‘Maniac.’

6. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey had to lose weight for his role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’

7. Natalie Portman

Playing a ballerina in ‘Black Swan,’ Portman needed to lose some weight.

8. Jared Leto

Like his co-start, Matthew McConaughey, Leto needed to lose the six-pack and even shred some more weight.

9. Tom Hardy

The actor needed to gain some weight for his role in ‘Bronson.’

10. Jaren Leto

Opposite of his previous role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ Leto needed to put on some pounds for his role in ‘Chapter 27.’

11. Charlize Theron

For her role in ‘Monster,’ Theron needed to add some weight.

12. Demi Moore

For her intense role in ‘G.I Jane,’ Moore needed to be in tip-top shape.

13. J.K Simmons

Playing a role in ‘Justice League,’ Simmons needed to be shredded.

14. Chris Hemsworth

For his role in ‘In the Heart of the Sea,’ Hemsworth needed to lose a lot of weight.

15. Tom Hanks

Playing a person stranded in a deserted island, Hanks needed to lose a lot of weight for his role in ‘Castaway.’

16.  Edward Norton

Norton needed to bulk up for his role in ‘American History X.’

17. 50 cent

The rapper lost a hefty amount of weight for his role in ‘All Things Fall Apart.’

18. Matthew McConaughey

For his role in ‘Gold,’ the actor put on some weight.

19. Zac Efron

For the movie ‘Baywatch,’ Efron had to bulk up and add a lot of muscle.

20. Robert De Niro

Playing boxer Jake LaMotta, De Niro had to be in amazing shape for the movie ‘Raging Bull.’

21. Vincent D’Onofrio

D’Onofrio had to put on some serious weight to play his character in ‘Full Metal Jacket.’

22. Michael Fassbender 

Playing a prisoner, Fassbender needed to lose a lot of weight for his role in ‘Hunger.’

23. Ryan Reynolds

The actor hit the gym for his role in the movie ‘Blade: Trinity.’

24. Christian Bale

Bale needed to add a lot of weight to play his role in the movie ‘American Hustle.’

25. Anne Hathaway

For her role in ‘Les Miserables,’ Hathaway lost a lot of weight.

26. Daniel Radcliffe

The actor needed to look thin for his role in the movie ‘jungle.’

27. Ben Kingsley

Playing Gandhi, the actor lost some weight and shaved the rest of his hair for the movie ‘Gandhi.’

28. Emile Hirsch

For the movie ‘Into the Wild,’ Hirsch had to lose a ridiculous amount of weight.

29. Jake Gyllenhaal

The actor is always in shape, but for his role in ‘Nightcrawler,’ he lost even more weight.

30. Emma Stone

Stone needed to add some more weight if she wanted to portray a tennis legend in the movie ‘Battle of the Sexes.’


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