You Won’t Believe The Reason Why This Woman Quitted Her Job.

Brad Leeson and Jennifer Mulford are two people that have gained a lot of attention after they shared their private lives in 2016. The duo went viral after sharing their experience of being in an ABR relationship. Most of you probably don’t know what an ABR relationship is and I had no clue myself. And I was shocked after I found out the meaning of it. Did you know that there are Adult Breastfeeding Relationships? Here is how they work.

Adult Breastfeeding Relationships or Adult Nursing Relationships are the type of relationships where a couple engage in breast nursing activities. The woman doesn’t necessarily have to lactate, as long as the man consistently sucks on her nipple during their intimate time. ABR may or may not involve sexual intercourse, and it might not even involve milk, as long as the couple stays dedicated to each other.

During an interview Jennifer Mulford said that she recently quit her job as a bartender so that she could perform adult nursing to her boyfriend more often. 

At the interview hosted by Matt & Meshel, which are two Australian hosts, they said that Brad gets to suck on those nipples every two hours for at least three hours. To this couple this was a total normal thing and they even mentioned that at the moment they are at a dry feeding stage where lactation is included in very small amounts. The video below shows you how to do that.


They both have children of their own and it has been almost twenty years ever since Mulford has been dried up but the couple are positive that they can bring the lactation back. So let me get this straight. They are both unemployed and what they do all day is stay home while he sucks on her nipples all God damn day?! Our poor taxes.

According to the couple this is a form of intimacy for them and it isn’t necessarily sexual, although it does lead them to sex often times. Leeson says that he loves having a pair of big boobs up in his mouth and Jennifer expressed that the process simply relaxes her, almost like meditation. 

The couple says that this has nothing to do with the role play and they don’t have to dress up in a special way to do this. As a matter in fact, they don’t even choose a special place to do this. As long as they are somewhere indoors and private, they will engage in adult breastfeeding whether Leeson is sitting down or standing up. 

But he says that it was Jennifer’s idea to do this originally (after she saw it on the internet) and he loved it so they just got stuck with it. They decided to go public with this ‘news’ and had no problem at all what people thought of them. They also encourage others to try it out. This is by far the craziest article I have ever written but here you have it, folks. You can check out their interview for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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