You are going to probably test positive for Covid-19 if you can’t smell these two things

Some of the most common symptoms that people first get when they have Covid-19 are the loss of smell and taste loss. These two indicators have been said to pop up every time a person is positive for Covid-19. Some scientists in India wanted to find out if one of the indicators, in this situation, smell, could be researched even more. They wanted to know if a person that has that symptom can’t identify certain types of smells. It was interesting to find that most of the participants couldn’t identify two of the given five smells in a study that they did.

For closely a year now, Covid-19 has rampaged all over the world, infecting millions of people, and the global pandemic isn’t seemed to be going away any time soon. It is weird how many symptoms have been popping up regarding people getting infected by the virus. It is frightening to know that you have your obvious symptoms that will, of course, manifest when we are talking about a respiratory virus, but also, there have been ones that few people will associate with Covid-19. Your obvious one is a fever and a dry cough, but more and more symptoms are linked with Covid-19 every day.

One symptom that has been widely spread around was the loss of the sense of smell and taste. People need to start being aware of this symptom because more and more people have reported that they got it and later turned out to be positive for the virus. Studies and analysis have been done, and the results show that 90% of people who have tested positive have this symptom, and 25% of those have reported that they only have that particular symptom. 


Scientists in India wanted to see if people that have the virus can smell particular odors. They came up with a test and placed pretty common smells for people to identify. The five common things they placed to be tested were: fennel, coconut oil, peppermint, cardamom, and garlic. This is a simple test that everybody can do at home.

The results that came in after some participants did the test showed that when they weren’t able to smell the peppermint and coconut oil, they were most likely positive for the virus. The team that did the research and test came out and said that the one possibility that people are experiencing loss of smell is because when people have upper respiratory infections, they will most of the time have congestion, drainage, and other nasal symptoms. They block any odor from getting to the smell nerve located at the top of the nasal cavity. The team also said that the most likely reason people lose the sense of smell when they are positive for the virus is that the virus causes an inflammatory reaction in the nose, resulting in the loss of smell.

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