Woman takes care of a fake plant for 2 years not knowing it is fake

Every one of us likes a little plant decoration around the house. Whether it is real or fake, plants give out amazing energy and look fantastic. One woman decided that she would like to have a small plant on her kitchen window, so she bought a succulent and placed it on her kitchen window. She was so dedicated that she kept watering it for 2 years. She would water it and clean all of its leaves regularly, but one day she noticed something for the first time. After two years of sitting in the same vase, she wanted to change it, but when she took the plant out of the vase, she realized that the plant she was watering and cleaning for two years was fake.

Caelie Wilkes made a post on her social media, saying that she bought a succulent plant and for two years took care of it. It was colorful, and everything you would want from a flower. She wrote that she designed a perfect schedule on when to water it and clean its leaves. She would even get angry if someone else in the house tried to water the plant instead of her. She loved her flower, and because of that one day, she decided that it needed to go into another vase. She went out and bought a new little vas for it, and when she pulled the plant from the original plastic vase that came with it when she bought it, she noticed that the succulent was fake. She added that when she pulled it out, she saw that the plastic plant was sitting on some Styrofoam, and sand that was beneath, it was glued to the plant. She was speechless, saying that the only thing that ran through her mind is how she didn’t notice that the plant was plastic for two years. She even said that all of this was just one big lie.

After she posted pictures and her story about it, the post went viral, having thousands of likes, comments, and shares. A lot of people in the comments were supportive, saying that even though the plant was plastic, she did her best to look out for it. One person commented that even though the plant is fake, she should be proud of herself that for two years, she didn’t break her schedule. He even said that the first two years were just practice and that now she is ready to take a real plant and take care of it.

Wilkes felt much better when she read a comment saying that she was not the only one that had done this. One person said that she was in the same situation finding out she was watering a plastic flower. Another person commented, saying that the story with Wilkes’s plant reminded her when high schools or universities would give out fake babies to students to teach them how essential responsibilities are. People from all over the world read her post and commented, saying that it can happen to anyone. One person who was from Thailand said that the story where he lived was going viral, and everyone loved it. Another person who is from Germany said that this was just a test to see if she was ready to take care of a real plant. And because she passed the test with the fake, plastic plant, she was now ready to get a real one.

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