Fries instead of popcorn in movie theatres

Let’s be honest, have you truly experienced the movie theatre in you don’t have any popcorn with you. The essential snack that the majority of us can’t be without while watching a movie. The taste, that crunch, with slat and butter on top, it just makes us want a bucket of popcorn right now.

Every one of us can smell popcorn the moment we enter the movie theatre. Since movie theatres have been available for people, popcorn was the first essential snack that made the theatres more profits. And yes, we know that many people will say that the prices of snacks in movie theatres are way too high. You have to know that the majority of the profit that theatres make form snacks is from the popcorn. It is like that because popcorn is cheap to make, and by raising the prices, the profits are bigger.

Some estimates show that 85 per cent of profits made from snacks are from popcorn. With those numbers in mind, 46 per cent of the whole profit that theatres make is from selling popcorn. Crazy right? But imagine the essential snack in movie theatres is replaced with another food that people love.

We are talking about fries. Some people have said that they would rather eat fries than popcorn in movie theatres. Many people in order to enjoy a good movie they want a smell-free environment. But who wouldn’t want the smell of fries and imagine the whole movie theatre smelling like fries. But here is where the fries can’t hold up with popcorn. They get soggy and cold pretty fast, and keeping a bucket full of fries hot can be a challenge. Cold fries don’t taste the same are freshly fried ones, and keeping them fresh for an hour and a half long movie isn’t possible.

One more reason why you can’t have fries at a movie theatre is that some people like sauces on their fries. Having to put sauce on your fries in a dark movie theatre can be pretty tricky, you might spill the sauce on your friend or partner that is with you or just spill it on the seat and floor, which can be a nightmare to clean up.

Many people will say that fries are their favourite food. No matter how much you eat, you still have room for more. Those long, salty, and fatty pieces are just heavenly with every bite. They will make you feel amazing, but unfortunately, they shouldn’t be sold in movie theatres.

We won’t say that popcorn is better than fries, but we will say that they are more easily made than fries. Fries can only be made in a kitchen, whereas popcorn can be even made in a mobile cart. Also, on that mobile cart, you can put other snacks that can also be sold to movie theatregoers. For years popcorn has been the main snack in movie theatres. You can either get them with or without butter. We prefer without butter because they don’t have as many calories, but some people don’t care as long as they have their trusty bucket next to them before the movie starts.

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