Woman Slides From a Yatch Directly Into The Pathway of a Shark.

Florida mother, Iso Machado, got an unexpected outcome when she brought a ride down a slide while traveling in the Bahamas a week ago. 

Commending the birthday of a companion, the gathering were alternating going down an inflatable slide and into the shocking blue water beneath. 

The occurrence was recorded by an individual traveler and companion of her child, Kevan Sarota. Everything begins guiltlessly enough, however when Machado surfaces, she encounters a shark!

As the crew was looking down on the sea they started noticing the shark and that is when everybody got scared. They couldn’t tell yet what kind of shark it was so they just jumped in to try to save her. 

The shark then changed direction and the girl was fine. Maybe she was a little scared, since after all it doesn’t happen every day to swim with the sharks.


making sharkweek > getting covid (warning: full video on IG) #whatwouldyoudo #shark #yacht #ThisIsBliss

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In what turned into somewhat of a birthday shock, Machado was supposedly enchanted to meet the ocean animal. 

It is accepted that the animal was a 8-foot nurture shark. Albeit all sharks are predatory, nurture sharks fall into a class of laid back, nice sharks that like to swim for a spell and afterward rest for some time. Attendant sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) may indeed be considered the “habitual slouch” of the shark world.

The captured moment has surpassed 3 million views on Instagram and the response from the people is just amazing.

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