Prince William has told the reason why his son has been felling down

Not so long ago, Prince William has revealed why his seven-year-old son, Prince George, has been feeling down. The little prince has been disappointed after watching one particular video online. His father came out and has said which video and what was the reason his son is heartbroken.

Prince George’s father, too, has felt upset.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice and send messages. People sent out positive messages to the father and son.

Because their family is so well-known and loved worldwide, it was a matter of time for people to start sending positive messages.

Even if they don’t know them and don’t get to see them as much as some other celebrities, some people care more for the Royal family than other celebrity families.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and one of the younger couples in the family are considered favorites.

Kate and William met when they were still at university. Back in 2011, they said their yeses and had their wedding.

It was back in 2001 when William met Kate, and they dated on and off for a while. But the love was there.

They went everywhere together, and after nine years of being together, they decided to take the big step and got engaged in 2010. Ever since they were together, fans have followed them while their little family slowly got bigger.

In July 2013, William and Kate had their first child, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. After two years, Princess Charlotte was born.

Princess Charlotte made Royal history the first second she came into this world.

She was the first female royal to keep her place when it came to the throne line. Because of the Succession Crown Act 2013, no other boy born after her would take her place in line for the throne. This meant that Prince Louis wouldn’t take her spot.

Princess Charlotte now is fourth-in-line just behind her big brother, Prince George.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are certainly a couple that has set a standard. Most of us remember how Kate caught the eye of William 18 years ago.

Since she has become a part of the Royal family, Kate has made some amazing fashion choices.

You can even see that Princess Charlotte has her mother’s taste in fashion.

Even the two little princes have got their father’s style all figured out. Both of them look amazing anytime they go out with their parents.

The wedding of William and Kate was about 10-years-ago.

Since then, you can see how much time has passed, because their kids grow up so fast. And now that Prince George is a little older, it has been difficult for him to handle one specific topic.

Because of their parents, all of the children have started to develop a passion and love for the environment.

David Attenborough recently has come out with another documentary. All of William and Kate’s kids loved the work that Attenborough is doing.

Little Prince George featured in one video where he asked Sir David Attenborough a question about which animals will go extinct next? And the recent documentary where Attenborough talks about animals that might go extinct has made Prince George sad.

Prince William has come out and shared a bit more about why he and his son feel devastated.

Prince William has said that he and his kids have been watching a lot of Attenborough’s documentaries. But the last one where he talks about animals that can go extinct, he said that they had to turn it off mid-way because it was too heartbreaking.

Prince George even told his father that it was too much for him.


He added that his son is only seven and already feels bad for all the animals in danger of going extinct. He even said that something has to be done so that that doesn’t happen.

Prince William also said that it is in every parent’s mind that they want to do as much as they can for their children, and saving and repairing the planet is one goal that they need to focus on. He added that this decade needs to be a decade of change, so future generations have a better planet. It is clear that he wants to make a change.

Here is the video where Attenborough talks about the wildlife that is in danger.


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