A recent Megan Markle announcement has shocked Prince Harry

Since becoming a member of the Royal family, Meghan Markle has been in every newspaper and website headline you can imagine. She has seen her share of criticism over the years, but now a new revelation has come up, and let us tell you this one might be the worst one.

Even since Markle and Prince Harry have stepped down from their royal positions, the media and public have treated them fairly. One way or another, you will always see them in headlines, and it doesn’t matter if the story is good or bad.

The couple met back in 2016 when a mutual friend thought they would be good for each other, and they set them up on a blind date.

After a couple of dates, the two started to go out more often and could be seen around London a lot. They went public with their relationship, and ever since that moment, Megan has been in the spotlight. She does know what it is like to be in the spotlight, but because she was together with a royal, the level just went up. Shortly after their announcement, fans all over the world went wild for the new couple.

When the couple announced that they were engaged, everyone was happy for them. They weren’t the ones that wanted to wait, so they got married in May 2018. Shortly after the wedding, the new husband and wife had some more good news to share.

In October 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would have a baby. And on the 6th of May, 2019, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born.

From the outside, it might all seem fine and dandy, but Megan had to go through some tough times. Entering the royals’ world, Meghan knew it was going to be difficult because she had to leave everything else she was doing and focus on the new life.

Many old-fashioned royal fans weren’t happy that an American woman, which was also of color, became a part of the family. They kept calling her fake, and even stories came out that she was planning to break up the whole family.

The press and fans were ruthless. They kept on writing things about Meghan that were blatant lies, and they knew that sales would go up if someone from the royal family were mentioned. It got so bad that Kensington Palace issued a statement saying and asking the media and press to tone it down when it came to the stories about Meghan.

At the beginning of this year, it seems as though the harassment and fake news finally got to the couple. The announcement was on their joint account on Instagram, saying they would step down from their royal roles.

In the announcement, you could see that both of them took the time to process their decision. They said that they will step down as senior members of the royal family and that they want to continue their lives apart from the family. One big thing that was also mentioned was that they want to try to become financially independent.

Their son was another big reason because they want to raise their child in a more normal environment. They would split their time between being in the UK and the US.

They said that they want to raise their kid more normally and certainly teach him and make sure that he knows where he comes from and who his relatives are.

When they post hit social media, things got hectic. Almost everyone was surprised by the Duke and Duchess’s decision to step down. What many people forgot during this time was that Meghan was a new mother and that things were pretty difficult for her.

Articles and posts started to pop up, criticizing Meghan again. She even was called a bad mother during this period. But, since they have stayed in Los Angeles, things have started to get a lot better.

It has surely been a breath of fresh air. Not having the press in your face 24/7, and not having to worry about some meeting or event you have to go to. They continued to keep themselves busy while still raising their baby boy.

Some reports have come out that from the moment Meghan met Harry, she has kept a journal.

There have been talks that Meghan wants to write and publish a book about her time in the royal family. This autobiography certainly won’t look good for the family because we assume Meghan knows a lot of stuff.

A man named Andrew Morton, who has already written Meghan: Hollywood Princess and wrote Diana: Her True Story in 1992, thinks that Meghan’s book could be an amazing idea.

It has been reported that Meghan came out with the news of being pregnant with Archie at a pretty bad time. And this has embarrassed Prince Harry.

In a book that has come out titled ‘Royals at war,’ you can read a story where Meghan announced in front of the whole royal family that she was pregnant. This seems normal, but it happened during the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.



Prince Harry thought that time was not the time to announce that they will have a baby, and during the wedding, he was embarrassed.

Sarah, the mother of Princess Eugenie, was furious that Meghan chose her daughter’s wedding to announce her pregnancy. She said that she stole the limelight and that her daughter was pretty angry too.

Harry was also embarrassed because he didn’t expect Meghan to announce her pregnancy. Fans were quick to follow criticism, saying it was rude and low from Meghan’s point that she would do something like that.

Once that information went public, there were also reports that it was not true and that it was another attempt to make Meghan look bad.

People were starting to think that sparks were flying behind the scenes when Eugenie’s mother posted a photo of her wedding outfit, at the same time when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were having a baby.

For years now, Meghan has been the target of many hateful comments, and people have been writing fake news stories about her. No one knows why so much hate is thrown at her.

The couple needs to be respected more, and people need to know when they have crossed the line with their comments and stories. They are still considered one of the most famous couples in the world.

It was amazing news to hear that Prince Harry has found a new partner. He announced his love for the California actress, months after going on a blind date.

A mutual friend set up the blind date in 2016, knowing that they were a good match.

And the mutual friend was right. Harry and Meghan, after the blind date, decided to see each other again.

A couple of months passed, and they made sure to keep things a secret at first. In 2017, the day came when they went public and talked about their relationship.


Meghan was in the spotlight before, being an actress, but this spotlight was brighter than she had ever seen. Everyone fell in love with the new couple, and things even got more amazing when they announced their engagement.

They wanted to have a wedding pretty quickly, and in May 2018, they said their yeses. Their son Archie was born not long after the wedding.

Meghan didn’t have the easiest life as everyone thought. Becoming a royal family member wasn’t a joke, and having to leave everything behind was hard for her.

Because she was an American and a woman of color, some royal fans weren’t quite happy that she was now a part of the family. Even some media sites accused her of being fake and planned to split the royal family.

Kensington Palace had enough, and they issued a statement asking certain parts of the media to take a step back when it came to stories and accusations towards Meghan.

That didn’t have much effect, and Meghan and Harry kept getting harassed by some fans and the press. Things were too much, it seems, and Harry and Meghan decided that it was time to step down from their roles in the royal family at the beginning of this year.

They announced their stepping down as senior members of the royal family via their social media accounts and said that it took a long time to decide.

The one big thing for them was to provide a more normal life for their baby boy, Archie.

In the statement, you can read that they would split their stay between the UK and the US, giving them space, plus teaching their son about royal tradition.

When fans and media read the announcement, they were shocked. Some saw it coming, but the majority couldn’t believe what they were reading. The criticism and harassment continued, but no one stopped and realized that things started to be even harder for Meghan, a new mother.

It seemed like Meghan couldn’t have so off time, from all the stories and accusations. She even was criticized for her parenting skills.

But now, since they have settled in their new home in Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry can enjoy some privacy and get that deserved rest from the media.


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