Donald Trump has given some ideas on what actions he will take after the election

As Election Day was going on, Donald Trump started to look forward. He has indicated that once the results are announced, some plans will be out of this world. As results come in for certain states, it seems as the Republican candidate is in a pretty good position to continue his position as POTUS. Ever since he was going around the county, he has convinced many people on who to vote for.

Since the rallies have started, Trump continues to battle to keep his position as the President of the United States. And it seems as he already knows what he will do if he wins the election.

His biggest rival in this years’ election is Joe Biden. Similarly to Trump, Biden has fought hard for the president spot. The global pandemic didn’t stop the two candidates from continuing to work hard.

With all the precautions and safety rules, it has been a difficult year to run for President. It all started to be more heated after the first round of the debate between Trump and Biden.

After the debate, many people were certain that they would go on the side of Biden. But because Trump doesn’t like to give up easily, he continued to rally people on his side.

Before the debate, many people were on the side of Biden, even though rumors started to go around that Biden had dementia and that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs. The first official debate aired on Fox News, and it lasted an hour and a half.

The two contenders were constantly attacking each other throughout the 90 minutes. They were interrupting each other and demanded more explanations for the things they were saying.

Many people saw the debate as useless, saying that it was too personal, and the majority of the time, the two candidates were attacking each other.

As time went by, the public felt hopeful about this years’ election. At the same time, Trump had other worries and problems that he had to deal with.

Both Donald Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump, tested positive for COVID-19. They went into self-isolation, but after a couple of days, Donald had to be taken to the Walter Reed National Military Centre.

Many people were concerned about his health, and people started saying that it would impact the outcome.

After a few days spent in the hospital, Trump started to get better. Because of his positive test for COVID-19 and his hospital stay, the second round of the presidential debate was postponed.

The other candidates for this years’ election continued to host events and rallies where they tried to gain voters’ trust.

When Trump recovered, he announced that he was in excellent shape and was ready to continue.

Trump started to travel the country and held rallies to assure people that he was again the right choice for them. When you see pictures of his rallies, you forget that there is a global pandemic going around.

Trump himself encouraged people to join him at the rallies. Because he was a bit behind with his rallies, this was the only thing to do because Election Day was coming fast.

He said that there is nothing to worry about when gathering at his rallies. Because there is a pandemic going on, people started to criticize Trump for encouraging people to gather at his rallies.

Trump felt the pressure from Biden. He started to go on social media and aimed his tweets towards him.

He knows that this year, it will be a hard fight, so he is ready to do anything to get re-elected. He also hoped that things would spin his way if he kept attacking Biden on social media.

But there was an investigation where his tweets were checked if they were truthful. When the conclusion of the investigation was published, many of his tweets towards Biden were lies.

It showed that most of the things that Trump was accusing Biden were things that his previous rival, Hillary Clinton, was at fault.

Let’s say that when we see how 2020 is going, nothing surprises us.

Trump continues to be positive and will get re-elected, and to this point, some polls have shown that things are going his way.

Trump might be a bit worried because he had a lot of setbacks before the election started. After being asked about the mail-in ballots, he said that he would announce some new plans for the county after the voting is complete.

He has said that the winner of the election can’t be announced immediately because of the mail-in ballots, and that is a little worrying.

He continued to say that it was a mistake by the Supreme Court, which decided for this kind of voting to go on. Because the vote can’t be counted immediately, things can get a little suspicious.

He also said that fraud and misuse could take place when you have this kind of voting. It will all come down to one or two states to determine the winner, and it would take more time to count the ballots. By saying this, he suggests that if Biden wins the election, something must have been done to fix the election.

He added that when the election is done, he will go in with his lawyers and investigate, suggesting that this election isn’t quite fair.

With comments like that, if Trump isn’t re-elected, Biden’s transition to becoming President will be prolonged and pretty chaotic.

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