What if neither candidate gets enough votes to become president?

It has been almost two whole days, and the results of the election haven’t been announced. Because there are still votes to be counted, we still don’t know who will be the United States’ next president.

Recently, there has been a question going around, which asks what will happen in neither of the candidates getting enough votes to become president. If this happens, it will certainly be the first time, but what will happen then?

There have been at least 100 million registered voters this year.

Recent polls suggest that Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris are leading with 66% of votes.

Trump also had a massive following on election day.

Many people had gone with the option of re-electing the current president, and others opted to go for the Democratic candidate.

One by one, the polls started to close, and the counting of votes started.

The first two states where polls were closed were Kentucky and Indiana.


As polls were closing, information started to circle. Trump had won in Kentucky, Indiana, and Alabama, whereas Biden was victorious in California, Washington, and Oregon.

Trump also was victorious in Florida.

The first statistics showed that Trump had 51.3%, and Biden had 47.8% of the votes. Then info came that Trump won in Ohio.

It is interesting to point out that every president from 1964 to this day was elected if he won in Ohio.

The first person to be re-elected to the senate was Joni Erst.

Biden has felt confident that the public will make the right choice, he also said that he knew it would be a long process, but it has taken way too long to count all the votes. Biden added that he had seen some polls and information until now, and he is happy with what he has seen.

Trump had a tweet removed because the website deemed it ‘misinformation.’

It didn’t take long to take down his post.

Information came that Trump was victorious in Texas.

At one point, Trump demanded the voting processes to stop.

He has said that some voting polls have been discovered too late and shouldn’t be counted. Despite all of this, he still feels that he has won.



He also posted that he will take some cases to the Supreme Court. Later in the day, it was predicted that Biden would win in Arizona, something that a Democrat hasn’t done in over two decades.

He could get at least 11 electoral votes if he wins in Arizona. And like we said earlier, this will be the first time in 24 years that the state turns blue.

Biden’s team has gotten back to the claims that Trump has already won.

They were shocked to hear that President Trump has said not to take in and count some of the ballots. Biden’s camp said that this was a hit towards the public democratic right. This has never happened in the history of the country, and it is simply outrageous. They also added that there would be no stopping to the counting of votes, and it will continue until the last vote has been registered.

Republican David Andahl, who recently passed away due to COVID-19 complications, never witnessed his win and election to the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Winning in North Carolina, Republican Madison Cawthron could become the youngest member of Congress, only 25-years-old.

Recently an old clip of Bernie Sanders has gone viral.

In a past interview, Sanders said that if counting would be slower, then more mail-in ballots will come.

The big question is, what if neither candidates hit 270?

Neither Biden nor Trump will not benefit if they don’t hit 270 electoral college votes. Some say that the Republicans will favor this.

If something like that happens, then the House of Representatives will make a decision. And members of the House would vote for their party.

As we stand now, Republicans have the majority of representatives in the House, 26 to 22.

But also every seat in the House is up for election. The wait will continue.

There are still many votes to be counted, so the American people will have to wait.

As things come closer and closer to the final result, things could get a little more heated.

Tensions continue to rise, and now that things are starting to come to an end, who knows what will happen.

Because of all the circumstances we are in, this election has been hard for all involved. Trump still hopes that the public will re-elect him as the president of the United States.

Biden has also fought well, and he too thinks that the public will be on his side.

Regardless of all the circumstances and setbacks, we will soon know if Trump will be re-elected, or Biden will become the US’s 46th president.

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