30+ fails captured on camera

Things can go wrong in one second, and while lots of fails can be unpleasant and painful, others are just plain funny. And today, with everyone having a camera on their phones, fails are captured every day. You can find millions of photos and videos on the internet fails.

We have made a list of the most hilarious fails that people have captured on their phones. Start scrolling down to look at them.

1. The expression on this guy’s face says it all

2. Who gave this guy a pilot license?

3. At least she is more comfortable now

4. That is just straight-up false advertising

5. That would have been painful if she fell

6. That is not going to hold for very long

7. What kind of notification is that?

8. This guy probably had a bad time when he saw this little letter on his car

9. Did they get a billboard just to say that?

10. The grading system that this school has is so helpful

11. That typo is just plain wrong

12. That is a bit too much information, but whatever


13. Never seen or tasted that flavor of chips before

14. She couldn’t have picked a better spot for a game of hiding and seek

15. Who says you can lay down in public transport

16. They should learn what the word diversity means first

17. Shut down the company that is making this kind of security locks

18. Only on sale this weekend folks, diabetes

19. Those disks are ours now

20. This person certainly had a bad day and said it couldn’t get worse, then this happened

21. For this to happen, he had to have worn boots on the beach

22. Excuse me, I’m not sitting there, a matter of fact, let me get out of this plane

23. You can say they didn’t have an eggcellent day at work today

24. I don’t remember Elsa having such weird-looking eyes in the movie

25. There is nothing duct tape can’t fix

26. Someone tell this girl that is not how hair extensions work

27. That is a bit too close officers

28. Tell this kid he has his skis on the wrong way

29. Hey, what gym do you go to?

30. Does anyone believe in this?

31. What were his parents thinking when they gave him this name?




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