Woman restores faith in humanity after helping an elderly man overcome an accident in his pants 

The whole reason that keeps us going is helping our own kind go through situations that might be heartbreaking, embarrassing or even disturbing. A woman named Lisa Lemming Jackson was doing her grocery shopping in a store she usually went to and came across an elderly man. The man caught her eye as he looked very uncomfortable with the facial expressions he was making. 

Lisa saw him and smiled but she knew that something was really worrying about the old man. It was after a few moments after that the man told Lisa that he was in a very embarrassing situation. He told her he had colon cancer and could not control the time he needed to go to the bathroom so he had a bit of an accident in his pants. The old man was embarrassed and did not want anyone to see what had happened to him because he felt that he would lose his dignity.

Lisa felt quite bad and knew she had to do something good to help the old man get out of such an embarrassing situation. It was bad enough that he was going through cancer, it was even more heartbreaking that he was put in that uncomfortable situation. Lisa and the staff of the store then came to the rescue. The staff gave the man some wipes to clean himself and then sent him to a private bathroom. They were even kind enough to give him a new pair of pants. The man was so heart-warmed by their actions.

When he got out of the bathroom he found out that his groceries were paid for and made ready for him to take home. The old man nearly cried and warmed the heart of the staff of the store and Lisa also. He told them that he loved his country very much and hat he fought through two major wars throughout his life to contribute to keeping his country safe and alive. But for most of the years after the war, he was not given a hand by other people. He claimed that he felt forgotten and that no one really noticed his sacrifices.


The people that helped the old man gave him hope that there are still people in this world willing to help you with what might happen to you even if they are complete strangers. The sparkle in the old man’s eyes filled Lisa with joy and motivation to give more to this world. She posted the story on Facebook saying that one friendly smile to a stranger turned into something she would never forget. The motivation to help more people in this world because that is the only solution to every problem. Without giving each other a hand we would not have evolved as much as we have done today. This is how our story started actually, by working together and giving each other the courage to go on.

I think that this woman is an excellent example of how small actions can make a huge difference.

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