Garbage man was filmed while approaching someone else’s dog

Joshua and his dog Shelby went along really well. But something confused Joshua about the dog. Every time the garbage disposal truck came, Shelby would start wagging his tail and roaming around the front yard like crazy. The owner thought this was kind of odd but shook the happening off thinking that it was because of the truck’s garbage smell. When Joshua put Shelby on a leash in the front yard one day it just so happened that the garbage disposal came. Joshua stared from his window to see if the dog would start being aggressive or start going crazy. 

As the owner expected, Shelby started to wag his tail and become hyped up as soon as he saw the garbage truck. Then something that left the owner shocked happened. The garbage man then came near the dog. It was a scary moment for Joshua because he thought that his dog was acting aggressively towards the man. But then while he was filming the weird moment he saw that the intentions were heartwarming.

The garbage man came across the dog and started petting him and hugging him. The dog eagerly awaited every week for that wonderful moment to happen. Joshua was touched and posted the moment on social media not expecting it to go viral overnight. Dogs are very nice creatures that only ask for love and attention. I have a dog that lives in my neighborhood that does not have a home but he is loved and taken care of by all of us. His name is Panda because he has dark circles around his eyes. He gets fed every day by a homeless man in our neighborhood and a woman that works in a pharmacy. It is just so heartwarming that all of us come together and fill this dog with love.

When an earthquake hit my city and I was out on the street I saw the poor little thing shivering in the corner of a coffee shop. No one cared for him anymore and he was left all alone in the cold night filled with trauma. Even though I was crying, I felt his pain. He needed support just like the rest of us so I came near him and even though he was dirty and smelly because he is a street dog I did not care. I kneeled and hugged him. His shivers just broke my heart. He just would not stop. Me and my wife just sat on the coffee shop seat that was outside and talked to him as if he was a person. We told him that there was nothing to worry about while hugging him and petting him.

He eventually calmed down and went to the corner again to go and sleep. That is a moment I will always remember. Spending time with dogs is just priceless. They are just like humans just without a mouth. They understand, and most of all they want affection and to be talked to.

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