Woman rescues dog and carries him all the way through her hiking trip

One woman aged 40 decided to go hiking with her 76-year-old father. The terrain eventually got very hard to climb and her father sadly gave up and did not continue to reach the peak. His daughter really wanted to so she continued to walk the extra mile up to the peak and come back very soon. That is on what the two agreed on and she started on hiking alone. On her journey to the top, she found a dog. Thinking that the dog needed help and was lost she came close to hem and saw that he was a cute spring spaniel. But what made her really sad was the fact that this dog looked very dehydrated and had scratches all over him. He had defiantly fell somewhere and lost contact with his owners.

She also saw that the dog was too weak to walk and stumbled on every step he took. So she took a second to think about how she would carry this 55 lbs dog all the way where her father was waiting for her. She really did not want to leave that poor soul alone because she feared he would have died so she carried him on her shoulders. It was very hard walking down the hill with the dog on her shoulders. There was one time when the woman slipped and they tumbled down, but luckily no one got injured. As she got exhausted holding the dog she took several breaks. When she thought it could not get worse for the two she lost her way to where her father was waiting on her not only once but twice. 

The motivation of saving this dog was getting lower and lower for this 40-year-old so she took a break and started to think if it was really worth it or not to save this wounded dog. It then started raining and she had gotten enough for today. It was just too much for her. But as soon as she remembered what would happen to the dog if she just abandoned him left her in tears. So she took a deep breath and carried him again hoping to reach her father as soon as possible. Not much longer passed that she saw her father in the distance and she was more than relieved. As she approached him he started laughing at the situation he caught her daughter in, not really knowing what she had been through. Soon they both took the dog to get urgent treatment and also find the dog’s real owners. 

The dog had a collar named Boomer and they soon found the owners of the dog within their community. The owners were glad to see their dog alive and claimed that during their hike he dog had fallen into a hole and disappeared out of their sight so they were forced to leave without Boomer. They also said that they were planning to find their dog a new home (I wonder why the dog got lost) but they were not able to find a potential owner. The woman was not seeking to get a pet any time soon but called it fate and accepted adopting the dog. Now they are best pals and Boomer loves his new home and lifesaving owner. 

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