Woman refers to fiancé’s daughter as a ‘crotch goblin’ and bans her from their wedding 

Falling in love is a very beautiful experience. Like any other couple that is in love, this one decided to get married. But no wedding has ever been drama-free. This wedding has just one problem, and nope, it is not that the food was horrible or someone got just too drunk. In fact, the problem revolved around the bride to be. 

Sometimes people decide to become Godzilla out of nowhere and start making the most unexpected demands. Of course, you don’t have to invite certain people to your wedding, but this bride refused to invite her fiancé’s little daughter. 

She did everything to try to give hints to her fiancé that she did not want his daughter to the wedding. She even made it clear in the invitations that only adults could participate. But her soon to be husband would still mention his daughter being there. 

The woman had no other way of showing her fiancé that she did not want the child there so she turned to Reddit to ask for advice. But she clearly was not expecting the responses. She asked for advice on how to get her husband to agree with her banning his child from their wedding. 

Okay, you might have gotten partly confused about why this woman demanded such a thing right? Well, she later explained that the whole reason behind it was because her fiancé’s daughter always wants to be the centre of attention, so according to her ‘logic’ she did not want this child to spoil her wedding. 

She even shocked Reddit users by saying that another reason she did not want the child there because she was marrying her fiancé and not his ‘crotch goblin’. Not only did she get called a terrible human being for her selfish demand but she even got shared on a Facebook group dedicated to ‘wedding shaming’ and became an instant viral. 

Of course, people would not leave it with just that and gave her some peace of advice also. 

“I have to admit that I am a childfree person but this is just absurd. If you don’t love your husband’s child like your own and just see them as a burden then why be with him? My parents had a no dating parent policy for me and now I understand why.” Said one user from Reddit.

Another user said, “This marriage is either going to be a long and suffering one or just end within a couple of years. Of course, the little girl wants attention, she is a LITTLE GIRL. 

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