Cat with two faces looks so unreal people are mind-blown

Cat with two faces looks so unreal people are mind-blown

Every animal has its own unique appearance, but there are some animals that have such a unique appearance the only thing we can do is to stare and be amazed. This fact stays true for one particular cat. Her face looks like it has clearly been photoshopped. 

It seems as you have gotten two photos of two completely opposite looking cats and combine half of their faces together. But actually, this cat is 100% real and stunning that people’s responses are just ‘wow’. 


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This is Quimera, the stunning cat with two faces. It is not rare for a cat to have two different colored eyes. In fact, we might have come across a cat that has two colored eyes once or twice, but Quimera does not have just that. 

She has a mind-blowing face also. Half of her face is orange with a hazel colored eye and the other half is an eye-catching jet black color with a dazzling emerald blue eye.  This cat lives with her lucky owner in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Quimera has quite a big audience of people that cannot wait until the next photo of her is uploaded on social media. Her Instagram page has almost 100 thousand followers and despite that, she even has a TikTok and Facebook page. 

The thing that has made Quimera this unique is the fact that she is a rare case with two sets of DNA developed by two different embryos colliding together. This type of cat is otherwise known as a chimera cat. 

A chimera cat is when two fraternal twins happen to fuse together when they are in the process of developing in the womb. This gives a result of a perfectly symmetrical two-colored face cat. 

Quimera has such a unique face that she has got the attention of people from all across the world. There are even people that have found her so unique that they even painted her and even made a gotten her face like a tattoo. 

Despite all the fame that this cat is receiving, she always stays humble. Actually, the owner claimed that she was just like every other cat. Quimera loves to come around the house and just play and cuddle with her owner. 


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One thing is known for sure, that she can pose better than 90% of us in front of the camera. It is just amazing at the way she looks at the camera as if she was an experienced model. 


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