Bathroom cleaning tips

Everyone has the duty of cleaning up around the house. Whether it was when you were a kid and your mom or dad gave you chores, or as an adult. Every once in a while, you have to clean up your home. It is a process that no one enjoys but a process that must be done. Some people will often opt to hire someone to clean up for them, but doing that all the time can cost a lot of money. 

When it comes to cleaning up the bathroom, we didn’t like it when we were kids, and we don’t like it now. Fortunately for you, we have a trick that will help you clean up your bathtub quickly and effortlessly. Plus, you will only need supplies that most certainly you already have at home. The only two things that you are required to have is dish soap and a broom.

The first thing you need to do is cover the whole bathtub with the soap. Next, take the broom and start spreading the soap that you have poured, but make sure that the mop that you are using is clean because you don’t want a dirty broom spreading the soap. After you have covered the base and sides of the bathtub with soap, start pouring water over them. The water will rinse all the dirt that has been in the tub. You can either use your shower head or get a bucket of water and pour it in.  It will be easier with the showerhead because you don’t have to fill the bucket, again and again, so that you can rinse out the soap. After everything is done, you will have a shiny, white bathtub. 

This is not the only way you can clean out your bathtub. Another thing you can do is pour dish soap and spread it around the tub and fill the bathtub with warm water and let it sit. This method can be used if the dirt you have in the tub is harder to clean up, so with the soap soaking in the water, it with get rid of that harder to clean dirt. One other thing you can do is instead of pouring water over the broom before you spread the soap, pour vinegar over the broom. Vinegar is known to be a fantastic cleaning tool.

The last method you can use to clean up your bathtub is before you start pouring the soap into the tub, fill the tub with warm water, and just let it sit like that for some time. Then flush the water a continue with the soap.

Not only do we have tricks cleaning your bathtub, but we also have tricks for other parts of the bathroom. The showerhead can also get dirty, so what you can do is get a small plastic bag fill it up with vinegar and wrap that bag around the showerhead. Leave the bag on there for a couple of hours, then take it off and give it a quick rinse or a quick brush. You will get a clean, shiny showerhead. 

Some parts of the bathroom can get rusty due to the moisture in the bathroom, and the best way to clean or take the rust off is by only using salt and lemon juice. Get the salt first and spread it out on the area that the rust is on, then take the lemon and start squeezing the juice out covering the area that has salt on it. After you have done that, leave it to soak up a bit. After it has sat there for a while, rinse everything with some water. 

The main rule for cleaning your bathroom is to never start at the bottom. When you begin to clean, make sure to clean the tiles, showerhead, and everything that can be found up in the bathroom.

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