Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell reveal the truth on never-ending happiness and love

What I see most people doing is falling in love and being full of happiness, until after some years of marriage and a baby you see them all angry and just hating on everything. This has happened to one of my family members also.

The couple was head over heels in love with each other in their beginnings. I used to be 12 years old at that time and I envied them. I even attended their wedding at 14 and witnessed the birth of their first child at 16. It was after a year or so when I saw that something between them was not quite right. 

They were becoming like most couples. The mother was only yelled and fought with the husband and their poor son was there to whiteness everything. It was jaw-dropping to see that they did not even talk to each other around the house, only when someone had a complaint to say. 

Later on, I found out they were very unhappy and on the verge of divorce. I think the cause was because the wife was cheating with another man. This scared every particle of my body, fearing if one day me and my husband would end up like that.

But like everything in this world, you need to study it. Even how to be happy and have a never-ending love for your partner. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are famous celebrities that have been together for 37 years. They are now revealing the secret of how to be forever happy in a relationship. 


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Happy birthday my honey! I love you ❤️

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The number one key in every relationship is communication. Communicate with one another about the mistakes, feelings, and opinions you have. And with communication comes understanding. You and your partner need to understand each other for anything they are opening up to. This will make you both more connected and lead to love. 

What every relationship has is disagreement. This takes a lot of patience. Solving it in the best logical way possible is by letting both you and your partner explain your perspective on why you think something should be a certain way. Then come to a common agreement.

All in all Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn said that the ultimate secret to being happy with your partner is keeping things fun, laughing with each other frequently, spending family time and also lots of sex. 


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Here’s to the best daddy and GRAND daddy!! Xxx ❤️❤️. Happy Father’s Day to all

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They also claim that there is no reason for a couple to marry, as long as they are devoted, patient and caring to each other everything will be all right. 

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