Cat sacrifices herself in a burning building just to save her babies

When it comes to a mother protecting her babies she will even put her life at risk in order for them to survive. I am not talking only about humans but animals also. One cat was put in a very dangerous situation when she found out that her baby kittens where stuck in a burning building in Brooklyn. 

In order to save her babies, this cat did not think twice about stepping in the burning building and sacrificing her life just to save her little ones. She entered the burning location a total of five times, to save each and every one of her kittens. 

After the firefighters were called out to extinguish the fire, one of the firefighters named David Giannelli witnessed a cat walking in the building that had caught flames. What he saw was very heart-braking. 

He said that after the mother was severely burned and the fire had burned almost all the hair off her body. She was left temporarily blind so the only way she could find out if her little ones were alive was to put her face in each and every one of their faces to feel if they were breathing or not. 

After knowing that her babies were alive the poor mother collapsed unconscious. Fortunately, the cat and her babies were sent to immediate care and luckily survived. Unfortunately one of her kittens would not survive through medical care. 

Scarlett’s other babies that survived were found a loving forever home. The mother cat was later named Scarlett and her heroic story made reached out to people all over the world. 

Her story inspired two children books named “The bravest cat” and “Scarlett saves her family”. Soon after the incident, the cat was adopted by a family that lived in Brooklyn. She lived a total of 12 years in peace and happiness in a family that took really good care of her until her death in the year of 2008. 

In this heroic mother’s act, an award was named after her by The North Shore Animal League, which is the medical centre where the cat and the babies were healed after the fire. 

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