Woman gets forced by her husband to allow her in-laws in the delivery room while giving birth 

Some things in life are really personal. Such a thing can be giving birth. Having a baby is a whole experience of its own, inquiring a lot of physical and emotional pressure for the mom to be. Usually, when the mom is giving birth, her partner is the only one in the family by her side for support. 

Other women have it different, some even allow their parents and in-laws to take a part of the birth. Now I know it is a woman’s personal decision to take for whom they choose to participate in her giving birth, but birth is not a spectator sport. It was originally created for a woman to give birth to a baby and not to have a huge crowd behind her either looking at how she is in pain and struggling to conceive or videotaping her. 

In modern days women are becoming more and more private while giving birth. Some of them will not let anyone in the room while conceiving. Some don’t even let their parents and in-laws get in contact with her baby until everything is settled. But there was one really unique situation of a woman seeking advice on Quora about giving birth. She asked the public for advice because she was due to give birth soon and the husband was insisting that her in-laws should be in the delivery room while she gave birth. The soon to be mother did not like that idea at all. 

She explained she had privacy issues (like most normal people in this world) and didn’t wish for her private parts to be seen by her in-laws. I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen especially while I’m going through the pain of childbirth. It will be the most awkward and stressful situation. Of course, many commenters left their opinion, and most of them (not to say all of them) were by her side. 

The most agreeable comment of all was a person that told this mother that even though creating the child takes both of the husband and wife but that’s where the husband’s contributions end. Actually, the wife is the one that gets sick, vomits, has a difficulty in moving, and has her body change and more. Not to say that the wife contributes 100% to the painful birth of a baby. Enough is said to be understood that she has the right to choose who can and who cannot be in the delivery room while she gives birth.

Another commenter was so angry at the husband that wanted to force his wife to allow her in-laws in the delivery room. He commented “If the husband does not respect your privacy and forces you to do such a thing you can simply divorce him because of the lack of care he has for you. “

But at the end of the day in terms of rights, No one can force a mom-to-be to do anything out of her own free will in the delivery room. 

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