An amazing friendship between a 4-year-old and an elderly man

This story begins when a little girl by the name of Norah, woke up one day before her fourth birthday, her mother brought her to preschool, where she spent most of the day. When her mom, Tara, came to pick her up, she had a thought that she wanted to share with her mom. She said that she liked elderly people because of their soft skin and that they move around slowly just like her. She also noted that because elderly people are close to death and that before they pass away, she wanted to love them as much as she could.

On that ride home, Tara was move and a little surprised that her 4-year-old was thinking these things, so when she got home, she posted the story on her social media. On the day of her birthday, Tara took Norah to the grocery store after school to get some cupcakes. They were searching around, and at one point, they stopped, and Norah stood up in the cart and started waving and shouting to an elderly man. She told him that it was her birthday and wanted him to notice her. When Tara heard that her little girl call the man an old person, she quickly wanted to go to him and apologize. Before Tara could even say anything, the man stopped what he was doing and looked at them.

The thing that happened next was about to change not only Tara and Norah but the elderly man’s life as well.

Tara is a stay-at-home mom that has seven children with her husband, Garett. She is also a freelance writer. She shared a story about how her little girl Norah. She said that a day before Norah’s birthday, she was picking her up from preschool, and on the way home, they were stopping for an elderly person to cross the road. Norah told her to be careful and that she was fascinated by elderly people. She explained that she loved their soft skin and that it was just like hers and that they also walked slowly as she did. At the end of her thought, she said that they will pass away soon and that she wanted to love them all before that happened. Tara said that she felt weird about what her daughter said, but she knew she wasn’t thinking anything wrong. When they got home Tara posted on her social media what her daughter said about elderly people. She felt that she doesn’t really know what she was talking about, but she was impressed that her 4-year-old was so thoughtful and felt empathetic.

A day later, Norah’s birthday, they were coming back from school, and Norah asked her mom is they could pick up some cupcakes so she and her six siblings can enjoy them after dinner. And because it was her birthday, Tara and Norah wen to get such cupcakes.

Tara said that they went into the grocery store, got one of those big shopping carts that are shaped like a car, and she put Norah and her younger sister in it. They immediately went to the baker and picked up the cupcakes for Norah and her siblings. On the way back, Tara stopped to get a few other things. While she was checking the expiry date, Norah stood up in the shopping cart and started waving and shouting to an elderly man. She shouted to him and told him it was her birthday, trying to get his attention.

Before Tara could sit Norah back in the cart and tell her to stop, the elderly man stopped what he was doing and turned to them. Tara said that the man didn’t look like he was bothered by what Norah said to him, and he slowly approached them and greeted Norah and asked her how old was she. Norah and the elderly man had a little conversation, and then he went his way.

After they browsed a couple of aisles, they caught up to the elderly person again. This time Tara approached him, introduced Norah to him, and asked if he would take a photo with her for her birthday. He was confused at first, but after Norah told him that it was for her birthday, he smiled, and his mood changed. He accepted the photo, and he came close to the cart to pose with Norah. Tara pulled out her phone and started taking pictures. Norah and the elderly man held hands, and his face was beaming, he had a huge smile, while Norah was looking at his hands. Norah, at one point, kissed his hand and then put it on her cheek. Tara asked what his name was, and the man told them to call him Dan. Tara said that it was amazing to see them both smiling and that they didn’t care that they were blocking the aisle for other people to get through. Is was funny to see that they were having a conversation lie they were friends their whole life.

After a few minutes of chatting and taking photos, they again took off their separate ways. Right before they had to go, Tara thanked Mr. Dan and said it was a pleasure to spend some time with him. Mr. Dan, with a few tears in his eyes, said that this little conversation made his day and that it was one of the happiest days for him in a while. He turned to Norah and said that he had a fantastic time, talking and taking pictures. Tara said that she teared up a bit as well and was amazed at the encounter they just had. When they got back home. She thought that her friends on social media would enjoy reading the interesting encounter they had at the grocery store with Mr. Dan. That day she posted the story and attached a few photos of Mr. Dan and Norah.

Some time went by, and that same day, Tara got a message from a person who recognized Mr. Dan. The message read that Mr. Dan, a few months ago, lost his wife and that since then, he was feeling lonely. The person also said that it was certain Mr. Dan would remember this day and that they really made him feel a bit happy again. Tara then messaged back this person and asked if she could get Mr. Dan’s phone number. After a couple of days, Tara called Mr. Dan.

Tara and Mr. Dan talked and agreed that Tara and Norah would come over to spend some time with him. Tara took Norah at Mr. Dan’s little, tidy home, where pictures and things that reminded him of his wife Mary were all over the house. Tara noticed that Mr. Dan had a haircut and shaved his beard and dressed in some fancy clothes and had worn dress shoes. He had also set up a little table with paper and crayons and asked Norah if she could draw something for him to later put on his refrigerator door. She smiled, agreed, and sat down to draw something for him. Tara and Norah spent almost three hours with Mr. Dan, and Tara mentioned that he was quite happy and patient with Norah. He even gave her chicken nuggets for her to eat.

After they had lunch, it was time to go, and as they were heading out, Mr. Dan took a little pocket knife and cut a rose that was in his small garden in front of his house. He carefully took the thorns out and then handed the rose to Norah. To this day, Norah keeps the rose that has dried up, zipped tight in a little bag.

Tara has said that after their first visit, Norah wouldn’t stop talking about Mr. Dan, she would ask about him if he is alright, did he feel lonely and does he feel loved. When Tara and Norah visited Mr. Dan for a second time, he said that visits like this made him sleep comfortably at night again. Since his wife died, he wasn’t sleeping right, and Norah and Tara changed that. He has said that in a way, she cured his sleeping difficulties, and after Tara heard that, her eyes started to water.

Such an age difference but these to spend time and talk like they have known each other for decades. Tara and Norah have made a promise to Mr. Dan that even for a quick chat and a big hug, they will visit Mr. Dan at his home every week.

Since Thanksgiving was coming up, Tara invited Mr Dan to spend it with the whole family. He hasn’t agreed yet, but we all know he would be delighted to spend a nice ward dinner night with the family. Tara has added that Mr Dan feels like a part of the family. Tara has also urged people not to shy away from a conversation with strangers because you will never know how big of friendship it can turn out to be.

Mr Dan’s and Norah’s story has touched thousands of people all over the world, and we hope there will be many more years of friendships between these two.

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