A mother’s child is her greatest achievement

We can all get carried away with our job or our life goals that we forget what our biggest and proudest achievement in our lives is. One mother is here to get us back in check and tell us what this big thing that we call life, all about is. 

She says that for most of her life, been driven to achieve her goals, and most of her biggest achievements are money and job-related. For years she has thought that checking things off her bucket list has been the thing that drives her forward to be more successful and happier. But from the moment she had her child and the past three years she’s been raising her child. She had realized that the biggest and most amazing thing in her life is to be that child’s mother.

She has said that form the first day she held her baby in her arms that she has started to measure her accomplishments in hugs and kisses instead of money. She no longer thinks that people praising her is more important than the love of her child. It is an accomplishment that she is with her child every day and that she can say how much she is in love. She is proud to say that she will always be there for her child and will continue to be her friend, protector, teacher, and, most importantly, her biggest supporter. She is proud to say that she will always love her child unconditionally and will always be there for her.

She has also said that there will always be things outside of being her mother that she will be proud of, wheatear it is money-wise or career-wise. That those moments are undoubtedly amazing and that they need to be celebrated. And those things are just amazing because her little child can see that if you work hard enough and drive yourself forward and learn from the mistakes, you can be whatever you want to be. The world has endless possibilities, and if you set your mind to something, go on a do it. But at the end of the day, none of those achievements will come close to the joy of motherhood.

She says that no amount of money in the world could buy the feeling of spending time with her child, the feeling of getting a big hug or kiss, or seeing her child smile and be happy. No amount of money can buy the close bond that she has created with her child.

Times aren’t always great or easy, sometimes there will be fights, or yelling. Sometimes there will be moments where you don’t get along or and mad at each other, but in the end, that is what families do, they fight and work things out. She adds that working on things will be essential and learn from mistakes.

She ends her message to other parents that not everyone will see their kids as accomplishments and that most people see parenthood as a part of life that you have to do. Some people won’t understand why she gave up her job so that she could spend time at home with her loved one. Still, other people won’t understand and won’t know what it means to indeed be in love with your kids, and that comes before anything.

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