Mom urges parents to be cautious – phone charger mistake had her toddler’s life at risk

Toddler gets electrocuted

Toddles can be so unpredictable, so parents should have one eye on them all the time. They are curious and want to touch and feel everything that catches their eye. Here is a story of a mother that turned her attention to something for just a moment, and her toddler did something dangerous.

This mother thought that she did absolutely everything she can to baby proof her house. From stair gaits, locking doors around the house, so the toddler doesn’t go where ever she wants, proofing the drawers, to padding the sharp edges of furniture. Unfortunately, she forgot one thing that can potentially be very dangerous.

It is a normal thing for people to charge their phones every day. You take your charger, plug it to your phone, and then into the socket. For adults, this is just an ordinary thing that they do every day. Still, for a toddler that has no idea how harmful electricity can be, power sockets can be pretty dangerous.

Toddlers and kids learn from their parents and try to copy everything their parents do. So when the little girl saw her mother plug her phone into the power socket, she thought, why not try it herself. When the mother had turned around and wasn’t paying attention to the toddler for just a few moments, her daughter picked up the charger and started looking at it. She took the end of the charger that is meant to go into the phone and tried to put it in the power socket.

Just as she put that end of the charger into the socket, there was a loud pop, to which the mother came into the room and saw the socket smoking and seconds later a small flame. The toddler was electrocuted, and she was lying on the ground. The mother was in a state of terror, and her heart was racing. So, she sprinted to her daughter to try to help. The little girl wasn’t making any noise, when all of a sudden, she started screaming and crying in pain.

The mother immediately picked her up and tried to calm her down while looking at her body to see where she was shocked. She only had a small burned patch on her hand and nothing else. To be safe, the mother and daughter went to the hospital for further checks. When the doctors started examining the toddler, they were worried that the shock in some way had affected her heart. They told the mother that the best thing to do is stay overnight so the doctors could monitor her heart, and if something happens, they would be there to intervene.

The next day came, and doctors told the mother that the little girl was safe to go home. Her heart was alright, and nothing had happened during the night. It was a close call, and next time the toddler know not to put anything in the power sockets. The mother has said that she never thought that power sockets could be a danger. After this incident, she has padded the sockets and put them in a place where the toddler can’t get to them.

Be sure to cover your power sockets and outlets if they aren’t already, to make sure that nothing like this happens to your toddlers, who are no less curious then this woman’s daughter. If you find yourself witnessing your or someone’s kid getting electrocuted, make sure that you isolate yourself accurately before touching the kid. No parent wants to think about situations like those, but it is better to know what to do in those moments then stand there and don’t know how to help your child.

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