Why gathering with your family on Sunday is more important than you might think. 

Before technology had been widely used, and people relied on family members to pass their time, it was very common for families to gather on a Sunday and have either dinner or lunch. Most of us have done it also when we were kids. 

I remember that every Sunday at mid-day I would hop into the car with my brother, mom, and dad and go to our grandparents’ house. Our grandparents would cook us lunch and we would spend a really good time there. 

The atmosphere was warming, it involved a lot of laughter, and we all communicated with each other about weekly events. Even though I grew up and my brother grew up, we try to gather for the sake of the old days and the great memories we had with our families. It is hard to gather every Sunday dinner because we have all this stuff to do and we mostly don’t have the time for it. 

But making time for your family for a couple of hours on Sunday has great benefits. First of all the most important thing you should know is that you never know when the last time seeing your relatives is, because they probably don’t have a lot longer to live. 

Second of all, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, who is a professional psychologist in terms of the family has noted the incredible pros there is when the family gathers together. She says that getting multiple diverse generations together can increase vocabulary and motivation for studying in school for a child. 

Meanwhile, Ph.D. therapist Annie Fishel Claimed that making time for family gathering is very important. Family gatherings have cognitive benefits which include kids doing well at school, having a lower chance of substance abuse, lower rates of anxiety and depression for teenagers and also lowers the risk of obesity. 

Gatherings with family members also have physical Benefits that include better cardiovascular health. Even though we may be occupied with our jobs and taking care of our children, we still need to make time as much as possible to gather up with our relatives. It will make us feel much better, calmer, and happier. 

Even though the next day after Sunday we will have to get up early and go to our jobs, we need to focus on the moment and take time into communicating with our loved ones.

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