Building playgrounds for the elderly can help them socialize more and decrease loneliness

Getting older has its cons. Not only do you have less energy but it includes getting lonelier. It is sad that we have this kind of problem in the world, where most of the elderly’s that were here to raise us and take care of everything are now left and forgotten by most of us. It is understandable that we cannot be there all the time for them, because we have other responsibilities to take care of first. 

Like going to work, taking care of the kids, doing household chores and more. From time to time we do meet our elderly relatives, but not as frequently. This leads to them having anxiety, depression, the feeling of loneliness, feeling less energetic and more. 

Well, I’m not saying that it’s our fault that they feel like that but it also is not a bad idea if you found a good solution to how to take care of them. Like building a playground for the elderly for example. 

Because the elderly don’t have too much energy to swing on swings and climb on bars as children do, playgrounds for the elderly are needed to be designed differently. They were first designed in China and in Europe in the mid-20th century. Although America was a little bit slow to catch on it finally did. So now there are playgrounds across the world that are a great fit for elderly people. 

They have been proven to be very beneficial. Not only do they reduce loneliness, depression, and anxiety but they also boost social interaction, energy, and happiness. If we put more energy into giving the elderly’s a better environment in this world, we would live in a better place. 

In second world countries, things like this do not even exist, even though I hope that one day someone or even I will be able to do something about it. I hear stories about families that don’t even care about their elderly relatives. One was so heartbreaking it just almost left me in tears.

 As far as I can recall an elderly woman had five children where all five of them did not even have the slightest interest to meet her or call her. When she was very old and in the last years of her life she was living alone with no money and feeling very sick. Sadly none of her five children ever came even when she was in those conditions. 

Sad enough to say she died alone in her house and was later discovered by neighbors. You have a lot of these cases happening right now all over the world. That’s why a great idea like creating a playground for the elderly’s might help them a lot in ways we cannot imagine.

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