German shepherd and little girl have an incredible bond

For years people have believed the leaving young children around dogs is dangerous. If the dog is not correctly trained on how to act around little kids, then some accidents may occur. But we can say that the image of seeing your pet act nothing but kind and careful with your kids is heartwarming. If you want your kids to grow up having a friend to play with all the time, train your dog on how to behave around them. Also, when your children are starting to grow up and can understand what you are saying to them. They need to know that pets need respect, and if you show them nothing but your love, they will return it.

Taking away the dog from the kid or vice versa won’t do any good. They both need as much exposure to each other so they can quickly learn how to behave around each other. Dogs can be very curious, same for the babies when they are young. They want to see and touch everything that looks interesting to them. 

Ryan Symes wanted to show the world that a well-trained dog and a little toddler can live with each other. You can easily say that his daughter Tallulah and his German shepherd Loki are best friends. In today’s world, people are making social media accounts for their pets and post cute and funny videos of them. Ryan did the same for Loki, and on there, you can see him and Tallulah, spending time together. Ryan said that since the family got Loki, three years ago, as their daughter was growing up, Loki was by her side.

Even if Loki is not a puppy anymore, he is still doing things that are clumsy and succeeds in making Tallulah laugh. The best thing about them is when Loki comes close to her, he starts giving her big kisses, which Tallulah loves. Ryan also says that the moment they brought Tallulah home. She started growing up with her furry friend and has never shown signs that she is afraid of him.

Before Tallulah was born and brought back home, Loki was the kid at home. Ryan had said that when he was a young dog, he wasn’t very good and, most of the time, did what he wanted to do. Ryan has admitted that he wasn’t much of a trainer, and that resulted in Loki being so naughty at the beginning. It got to the point that Ryan couldn’t do much as was questioning giving Loki away.

Every day, when they were eating, Loki would jump on them to see what they were eating. He would chew everything that he could get his teeth on, and wouldn’t respond if they told him to stop. It all changed instantly when Tallulah was brought home.

In the beginning, he was curious and would sometimes come close to the bay but would never do anything to hurt her. After a while, because he was spending every day with her, he started to act like her big brother. When Tallulah learned how to walk and would wander around the house, Loki would go with her and keep her safe. Ryan was stunned to see his dog act like this, and he never thought that Loki had this gentle, protective side to him. He was very happy that he didn’t give Loki away.

Seeing them play together is so cute and funny. You can see how big of a bond they have, and growing up together is going to make that bond bigger.

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