Skating – The definition of Fun!

Back when we were younger, almost each and every one of us has enjoyed and loved skating. But not a lot of us have stuck with it and do it professionally. If you find yourself in the very few that did stick with it, then hats off my friend!

The primary goal of skating is to get from a starting point to a destination. And achieve that in a much shorter time frame than if you would do it on foot. No matter if you choose skateboard or rollerblades, you get style points if you get there skating!

But, that’s not the only purpose of skating. In fact, one more important purpose is the fact that skating allows you to perform for others as well.

This lady decided that she wanted to show off to her friends what she can do, and she did. Luna Casaretto is a young, well-known, and respected skater, but she is not skating on ice. Instead, she is skating on rollerblades. And, the name of the sport is inline skating.

I think that it sounds pretty cool, but that might be because I already saw what she can do, and I cannot un-see it. She might even motivate you to get your old skates out of your basement and start using them again.

In the YouTube video posted by her friends back in 2014, Casaretto is skating to Whitney Houston’s heart-melting “I Will Always Love you.”

In the beginning, the act is pretty similar to figure skating. They announce the contestant’s name, and then the contestant skates out on the floor. But this time, instead of the shiny, smooth ice, Casaretto comes out to what can be described as a gymnasium floor. 

Casaretto starts her act in the middle of the gymnasium, waiting for Whitney’s voice to fill the arena. And once she hears Whitney’s heavenly voice, she stands. But she doesn’t do that in any regular way. She kicks her foot up while gracefully bending over. And puts her leg down as gentle as she can. You can hear claps and cheers start filling the gymnasium.

Seeing Cesaretto move around the gymnasium makes it look effortless. As she jumps up in the air for her first spin, and everybody stops breathing. Even I held my breath when I watched the video for the first time. And, when she landed, I started cheering and clapping in my own living room. That’s how taken away I was by her performance!

As the intensity of the song rises, she starts getting momentum, goes to the end of the gymnasium, and skates fast. And, as Whitney’s about to hit the famous climax part, Casaretto starts performing a fast-paced spin that lasts forever. 

Once she finished the spin, you could hear the crowd go wild with excited applause and cheers filling the gymnasium.

She performed another spin towards the finish of the routine. But, this time, she took it all the way down to the floor. She stood up and skated her way back to the starting point of the routine and finished it just like she started it.

The crowd went wild one last time for good measure. But cheering isn’t enough to explain the excitement that everybody there was feeling. Watch the video below and tell us what you think about Casaretto’s performance.

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