What’s A Low-Maintenance Friend and 7 Reasons why they are the Best Kind of Friends

Who is a Low-Maintenance Friend?

Well, a low-maintenance friend is the one that you don’t really need to call regularly in order to check if you’re still friends. It’s the friend that, despite the fact that you moved far away, still remembers that you were essential to them.

It is the one person that you don’t get mad at if you don’t hear each other in a long period of time. And, once you meet each other again, it’s as if you met yesterday.

Today we will be talking 7 reasons why a Low-Maintenance friend is good to have. Read on, and enjoy!

Encouragement and Support are Important in Low-Maintenance Friendship.

The two of you might not enjoy the same things and may not have identical interests, but you’re happy because they are doing the things that they love. And, the same goes for them, they should also feel enthusiastic for your hobbies and passions and be glad that you’re doing something that you love.

Never Think Twice Before Going out!

There are some friends that you need to think two times before asking them out to hang out together. But, when it comes to the low-maintenance friend, you don’t think twice before calling them. In fact, you don’t even think of calling them, you just go to their house and take them out of there.

You Share Every Little Secret!

You share everything from things that you share with everybody to the most private things of your life, such as pooping, periods, farting, eating, etc. You will never judge one another because you know each other, and you are ready to accept yourselves the way you are.

Drama-Free Friendship

You will never include drama into your friendship because you know that both of you don’t have the time for that.

You Don’t Notice Time Pass by when you’re Together.

When you go out with your maintenance-free friend, you basically speed through time. Namely, you have too many things to catch up, so you always have things to talk about and share moments of your lives.

You Will Always Have Them by your Side!

No matter if you or they break up with your partner or you are going through tough times, they will always be here for you, and you should still be there for them. You recognize real friends when you’re in need.

They Would Never Ghost you!

You will never get the silent treatment from them, and they will never ghost you. This means that they would never block you on social media or leave you on “seen.” They will always be ready to talk with you and talk the problems out!

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