70 years together, couple passes away on the same day. A true love story.

Soon they caught themselves in the middle of WW2. So they set everything aside and contributed for their country. Both of them joined the Allies in hopes of defeating the Nazies that were starting to take over Europe. Isabell was sent in Maryland to work as a Navy nurse and Preble became a Marine. After the successful ending of the war their love was still strong so they decided to marry 6 years after their first meetup. 

After their marriage they brought up five children. While Isabell took care of the children, Preble managed to work long hours to provide for his family with the needs they had. Unfortunately they had one of their biggest tragedies a family always fears. Their teenage son died in an accident he had through high school. Being heart broken and going through their lowest in life, they still managed to pick up their broken pieces and continue living and providing for the family the spent years to build.

Years went on and there came a time where they finished the duties of raising their children. So not long after the children were out of the house and started their own journey in life, Isabell started working as a nurse again. As the process of aging got to them they both retired and enjoyed their life together peacefully. As they became weaker to live on their own they decided to live in a retirement home for the elderly. Sadly not too long after settling in the retirement home Isabell was diagnosed with dementia. This made Preble really worried, so the nurses decided to separate them and limit their shared time with each other. 

Although Isabell couldn’t remember much she still managed to smile and recognize her husband. That’s all Preble cared about. As long as his beloved wife remembered him, he was happy. Days before his 96th birthday Preble requested to sleep with his wife one more time. This request was accepted by the nurses and so they did. Preble and Isabell layed on the bed not saying one single word to each other and just held hands and fell asleep. 

After a week later it was time for family and friends to say their last goodbyes to Isabell. The last ones left beside her were Isabell’s daughter Laurie and Preble who was holding her hand tightly. Preble knew that it was time to let go. It was clear that it was one of the most hardest decisions he had to make in his life because when the final moment came he started tearing up. Just a few hours later Isabell peacefully passed away, and right after her, just 14 hours later, Preblo joined her. 

Their daughter Laurie saw this emotional story of theirs as a beautiful love journey. She said that her father loved her mother so much that he followed her to heaven and that they had a lovely life with each other. She finally told everyone that their secret to a life-long relationship was to always stay committed to one another, to never try to change one another but to adapt to their way of life, and most impotantly to be there for each other and help each other grow.

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