Baby asphyxiated after falling asleep in a car seat for hours

Having a baby is the most precious gift of life. But having your angel being taken away from you is the most painful punishment you can ever experience. This story is about a mother who lost her baby because of not being informed enough.

The Junglings were a normal loving family that just had brought twins in this life. A boy named Anders and a girl named Linnea. One snowy January day the family was going about their daily life. All woke up early and the parents got ready for work. Mother Rachel took the twins and sent them to daycare as usual. When they all arrived she saw that the children were sleeping soundly so she carefully took them both in the daycare facility while sleeping on their baby car seats. 

When she took the kids inside both children woke up. Linnea got out of her seat immediately and said goodbye to her mother and continued with her day. Little Anders was kind of sleepy so when his mother said goodbye to him he smiled and slowly fell asleep again.

The mother and father of the family continued with their day at work both as teachers. It was still morning and school had just started. Suddenly Rachel got a phone call from the police, advising her to go to the hospital right away because something had append with her baby son. In a flash the mother ran out the classroom door while calling her husband in the most worried voice he has ever heard of in his life. Rachel told her husband in a panic to meet her up in the hospital because something had happened to their baby. The parents didn’t know what to do on the way to the hospital, they could only pray for the best.

Arriving at the hospital they found out the reason why their son ended up in the hospital, he had blocked his airways while sleeping in his seat. The doctors did all they could but could only manage to keep him on life support. After three days on life support, his family finally decided to say their last goodbyes to their precious baby. 

The reason for Anders asphyxiation was caused by the angle of the seat he was sleeping in. the seat was designed to be kept and used primarily as a car seat for toddlers. Because the seat Ander was sleeping on was placed on the floor 90 degrees straight, it made it easy for his head to tilt in front of him. This caused the baby’s airways to get blocked and end up passing away. The reason a baby can die like this is that at that age (around one-year-old ) a baby’s head is bigger than his body, also because the head is bigger and the neck is weaker the neck cannot support the head while sleeping because in that time period  the muscles of a baby’s neck are too week to function properly. This all leads to a blockage of the airways and may lead to damage to the baby’s brain or even causing death. 

The happening was heartbreaking for the Junnglings family but some days after, Rachel found out that she was again pregnant. This was a sign that there was still hope. Nine days ago they shared the good news on social media of giving birth to a baby boy.

Please pass this on as we think everyone who has babies should see it we hope.

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