Little Rock in Arkansas is paying homeless people an hourly wage for picking up the trash.

The easiest way to find a job is to do something for free. This is the easiest way that can guarantee you a job and can also guarantee you maybe a wage or a way of success in the future. The reason so many people are unemployed is that people want to work for a paycheck. If you are not giving them the paycheck they don’t want to do the work. And this is what keeps most of the people stuck, to be honest.

While working for free might not be an option for many people, it can guarantee a place where you can gain real-life experience and maybe once gaining the trust of the employer you can start getting a paycheck. If not you can at least learn a lot of new things and by learning maybe you can start doing something better for yourself, like building your own assets. The reason many people want to work for a paycheck is that they want security. They want to be sure of having a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs and that is good. But is bad when you make that your priority instead of your mind.

Being homeless can teach you the most valuable lessons in life. That is when you start understanding why things are happening and what you can do to control your life. For some people being homeless is the end while for many is the beginning. Little Rock a small city in Arkansas is getting some homeless people work while also doing something great for the city. In order to get rid of litter, the city has been hiring homeless people and paying them $9 per hour to clean up the street trash.

It is a brilliant idea and at the same time it does two good things for the community. Being able to save up that money can help somebody realize for a second that their life is not over but they can get an address, they can get a full-time job and they can get back on their feet. The problem with most homeless people is that they don’t have an address and therefore no bank account. But if you see it in an advantageous way, working for hand in hand cash can be perfect for you, if you are homeless.

This project has started in April 2019 and it is called Bridge to Work. A van picks up eight or more volunteers at a location and takes them where they need to be to get the job done. Just within these months they have been able to clear up more than 130 locations and more than 2000 trash bags while more than 500 people have found comfort into doing this kind of work.

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