Visually impaired kid can play the piano in a fantastic way.

Music is something magical that seems to heal us. Music moves our soul. I just finished listening to Canon in D major. And it gets me every time. I am able to write better than ever when I have some music on the background. Now I am listening to ‘Chords of My Pain’, which is a two minutes piano part composed by me. Yes, I have a bit of a musician in me and from time to time I can carry it to. At best I think I’ll be able to perform in front of thousands, playing the piano while I recite my revolutionary poems.

There is something magical about the ability to produce such sweet sounds. We are made of energy and our mood changes every time that we hear a beautifully composed part. Take a look at all the human history. For damn nearly everything we have a song, or a part played in some instrument. A lot of people use music for healing, others use it for motivation, and there are those out there that have a passion for it and use music to be successful in life.

Take the case of this little boy. He has been playing piano ever since he was 11 months old. Now when you train your kid to be a genius ever since that age, then, of course, he is going to grow up to be a fantastic piano player. Because the skill is going to be embedded in his very DNA. Avett Ray Manes is only seven years old and he is able to play piano better than most adults would ever dream. But here is the catch. He is born with a condition that has left him visually impaired. He is blind from one eye and barely can see visions from the other one.

But he is still able to play the piano and even sing. Avett’s mother says that music is in him naturally and that in the future the young man is going to be a real legend. For now, he has managed to perform in front of 900 people, which is a crowd that I have never reached so far. He has also gone viral on social media and has 100,000 loyal subscribers on his YouTube account. This kid is on his way to success but he must be very careful.

Kid’s fame sometimes can be really overwhelming and can ever cause him depression. But I am sure that with his caring mother by his side, Avett is going to be more than fine. After all, the soul of an artist is strong. We stand tall like rocks on a mountain and we are the ones to take a toll on the world and make it change. Then our names live in whispers around people’s lips for ages after we are gone. Avett is a classic soul since he can play the Bohemian Rhapsody in a fantastic way. 

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