UPS driver saves a dog stuck on a frozen pond

We have all seen movies, cartoons, and even videos online where our dogs chase after the mail or postman. Once they hear the truck pull up, they storm through the door and start barking and running towards them. Sometimes they even run after the truck until it’s far away from the house. It is a stereotype, but in fact, there are lots of mailmen that love dogs and get along with them nice. This story is about one UPS delivery man that did everything he could so he could rescue a dog that needed help.

Last December, right before Christmas. A UPS delivery driver form Bozeman, Montana, named Ryan Arens, saw something while he was driving that made him go off route. So, he could do something special he would never forget.

While he was driving next to a frozen pond, he heard a dog screaming and barking for help. He said that the dog was stuck on the ice, 3 or 4 meters from the shore, and was going crazy and wouldn’t stop barking. Without any hesitation, he stopped the truck and went on to help the dog. He knew that he must go quickly because if he went to get help, it would have been too late for the dog.

When he got to the scene, he saw another man trying to get to the dog but just couldn’t do it. Ryan needed to use a boat that was at the place so that he could try to go help the dog stuck on the ice.

As Ryan was sliding with the boat towards the dog, a few meters in and he got to the part where the ice was very fragile. Because he was heavy, the ice couldn’t hold his weight anymore, and he crashed through the ice in the cold water. He didn’t even bother to get out, he immediately decided to swim towards the stuck dog. Ryan managed to get to her right on time because she was about to go underwater. The effort that Ryan put so the dog could be rescued was successful. After the rescue, Ryan said that he wasn’t thinking about how cold the water was. He knew that the only thing that mattered was to get the dog out before he went underwater. Sadie, which is the name of the dog, right away was taken to the vet, and they said that if she was cooler for another two degrees, she would have gone into cardiac arrest. They said that Ryan was right on time to get her out of there.

After everything was finished, both Ryan and Sadie went inside the house of the man that had the boat and warmed up.

After the story was public, everyone thought of Ryan as a hero and even PETA awarded him with a Compassionate Action Award. Ryan has written on his social media that he doesn’t feel like a hero, and what he did was just normal. He said that he just loves animals and that any of his colleagues or friends would have done the same thing if they were in the same situation. He would do it again, without any hesitation.

Ryan also owns a dog himself, a 15-year-old Malamute, who he loves so much. He has said that he has a soft spot when it comes to dogs and that helping out Sadie was the highlight of his decade and a half career as a UPS driver.

After time passed, he went back to see how Sadie was doing and wanted to know that she was enjoying every minute of her life. He said that he is so happy she was doing well and that she has a lot more life in her.

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