Policeman turns out to be an amazing singer while singing ‘O Holy Night’ in public

The holidays are near and we have started to get in the mood of those festive songs that play only at the end of the year, and boy we love them. The songs are filled with cheer, bell sounds and a whole lot of catchiness. They just make you ready to enter the New Year fresh. Jeremy Turner is a police officer that actually had finished university in music and in his beginnings he wanted to be a musician. But things actually took a bit of a turn and he actually ended up becoming a police officer. 

Since he had always had a bubbly personality he went along with people and also was not shy at all to be the center of attention. This led him to sing the song ‘O Holy Night’ in the middle of the neighborhood catching the attention of many residents. Luckily the whole moment was caught on camera and proves that this police officer is just amazing when it comes to singing. Jeremy Turner loved the holidays of the ending of the year so he decided to sing his most favorite one leaving people passing by speechless.

As much as he wanted to be a singer and the dream of every singer is to be famous for his voice as much he likes his job as an officer and enjoys his daily routine solving problems in different situations and even coming to a point where he saves lives. That makes him feel complete and has forgotten all about becoming famous with the passing of time. Well, a statistic shows that 1 in 25 people dream of becoming a famous singer when they are in their teenage and early adult years.

But the thing is that it is very hard to climb to the top of the music industry without suffering because the music industry does not give you food to eat nor a roof over your head until you really make it and I have tried it myself. It was very hard. I needed to find a lot of relations to get in the music business and also as hard as I tried my music got much hates and dislikes, no one believed in me and I was so stubborn to continue. Now the stubbornness had some good in it and made me end up where I am now a writer but it also left me asking for $5 every day from my sister.

The bad part of fame is that it is almost impossible to achieve when you do not have the funds or connections with people that can help you climb. If you are stubborn long enough you will surely go places even if it is not exactly what you wanted. So the best thing to do is to not give up, figure out a plan but do not expect a static result. Remember never surrender and keep on going even after all those years just like Jeremy Turner. 

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