This “janitor” plays piano so well it surprises people passing by

One mall got a big surprise one day by a guy dressed up as a janitor. The guy walked up to the mall’s piano and started cleaning it. He then left the mop and bucket and sat down on the piano stool not getting much attention. The ‘janitor’ then played a few notes just to warm himself up before doing something amazing. The man then started to perform the music of the classical 1975 song Bohemian Rhapsody. Just as soon as he started playing he drew a lot of attention by people that were passing by. 

Another person that was an actual janitor of the mall was having a lot of trouble recognizing the janitor that was playing the piano in such perfection. He thought that this must be a new worker placed in duty. But that was not quite the case. This janitor was a famous YouTuber that appeared in different public places as different identities. There was another video he had done in another public place where he dressed up as a homeless person and just leashed his amazing talent on the piano.

He is known as the Piano Phantom and goes by the philosophy that a performer should perform for the public and not make a big announcement out of it. This gives any person the chance to be in a beautiful situation such as seeing a pianist play a perfect melody. The identity of the person has actually been verified and he is a very talented American/ Japanese/ French musician named Georges Sokol. This Piano Phantom’s video of preforming as a janitor soon went viral on all social media platforms as he amused the public with his talent. 

At the last stages of the melody, Georges was surrounded by a huge crowd that was listening to him with attention. It is a beautiful thing to experience for both pairs, the player and the viewer. I remember when I was almost homeless in the Netherlands and had only a few dollars in my pocket. I used them to stay at a hostel and as I was staying in the hostel I saw a piano in the corner. It caught my eye and because of all the stress I thought I should let my creativity free by playing the piano. It would probably take all my stress away.

I started playing the piano just like the Piano Phantom, a homeless man just being creative. Even though I did not know a lot about the piano I still let my fingers let out the melody and to my surprise, when I finished playing a lot of people were clapping for what I did. It was a nice experience when you think about the hardships I was facing at the time. Music is always the gift that has been given to us in order to forget what we are going through and to just focus on the moment. 

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