This adorable white reindeer takes the internet by storm

Reindeers are such gentle creatures. I have come in contact with them when I was in Virginia, USA where there happen to be a lot. I used to go to the forest and there I could come across these beautiful elegant creatures. They would mostly come out during the spring time and autumn time and just slightly approach to see if you are going to treat them with any crackers or biscuits. As soon as they see your hand full of food, one or two start coming at you. I used to do that often and would never get tired of it because the moment was just so magical.

But one kind of reindeer is different than the others we might see in the woods, and that is the white reindeer. This creature is only found in the Norwegian woods and a few other northern cold states, so it is really rare to get to meet one. These kind of animals are often mixed up with albino reindeer but they are actually not the same thing. Albino reindeer have pigment deficiency in other areas except of their fur, they usually have pink eyes. But white reindeers just have natural white fur. 

These creatures are super cute and soft and appear more to the public’s eye during the summer days. One photographer from Norway was going about his usual day seeking for the best view to take a snap at until he came along the cutest thing he had ever seen. It was a white reindeer. The first thought that came rushing through his mind was that he needed to snap a photo of him ASAP. The photographer called Mads Nordsveen made his camera ready to capture that beautiful and mystical moment. 

It was just too enchanting because the reindeer started approaching by himself in a very slow motion so this gave Mads Nordsveen a chance to capture the cute calf. The reindeer stayed along the man for 5 minutes until he made up his mind to leave and head off to his mother. Those 5 minutes gave the photographer the chance to snap some of the most amazing and at the same time funny photos. He son posted then on his social page where he instantly got a lot of attention and over 59 thousand likes.

These reindeers are said to be friendly and also smile to some of the visitors who spot them. They have extremely white fur that has contrast with their pitch black eyes. These photos will truly amaze you and set you off for the north I hopes of coming into contact with one of these wonderful creatures.

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