7 times parents sucked at parenting

Parents are the ones who are supposed to be responsible for their children at all times because at the end of the day children are children and they can do things that can be dangerous for them and sometimes even risk their lives. These parents caught red-handed by being irresponsible with their children are just worthy to mention. 

  1. Baby playing with a plastic bag on its head

This mother seen on a shopping mall has been caught being very irresponsible with her baby while letting him play with a plastic bag on his head. Maybe she does not get it that this is dangerous for the baby and he can suffocate leaving him with trauma, brain damage or worst, death. 

  1. The child put on the edge of a bridge

Sometimes parents try so hard to give the best for their children but sometimes they might not think it so clearly that they are risking their baby’s life. This father was seen putting his baby on the edge of the bridge for a better view. He probably wanted his child to not get bored and see what he was seeing. 

  1. Messy and crazy kids

Some parents do not risk their children’s life but just leave them to roam free and the result is a total disaster. This picture was caught after two children ruined a thrift store aisle and their irresponsible parents did not take even the slightest effort to do something about it.

  1. A diaper change in the middle of the restaurant

Why do people get banned from a restaurant you might ask? Well for disturbing things like this. This mother decided that the bathroom was just too far for her in order to change the diaper of her baby so she just decided to do the dirty on the table on the restaurant in front of all dinners. That must have been a disgusting thing to whiteness. 

  1. Kid using a plane as a playground 

It is just so stressful taking your child on a plane and even more stressful seeing a child going wild next to you and their parents doing nothing about it. This child was filmed acting like a kid would act in an unknown environment, just exploring it and having fun. But even fun has a limit. 

  1. Parent ignores the child and turns its back while she was performing

Some parents just break your heart and your dreams. This mother appeared on her daughter’s performance along with the other moms and instead of seeing her daughter dance she just turned the back on the whole show and stayed on the phone all the time not wanted to be disturbed. 

  1. Dipper changing in inappropriate places. Again!

Now we just heard of diaper changing in a restaurant but this story follows rage. This mother decided to change her baby’s diaper in the middle of a shopping mall and on a pile of new clothes. Talk about hygiene, poor person that will buy those poopy clothes. The funniest part is that the woman got furious because the photo was caught of her doing that disgusting thing. It was just hilarious.

Hey, parents, we know your job is hard and exhausting. But these are the people who ruin it for everyone.

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