This is the reason cranberry sauce is the most hated holiday dish

We are in the middle of the holidays and have put a temporary stop on keeping a healthy diet due to all the delicious food at the end of the year. You must know that tradition takes a big role in what we eat for these holidays to how we cook our festive food. But surprisingly a survey taken lately has exposed that these traditional holiday food are not preferred as much as we thought. Actually, a lot of people dislike it at all costs. 

With the evolution of how food is prepared people have found it easier to buy prepackaged food. So instead of preparing all the food by themselves people usually buy conserved food and this is what has made these holiday food less edible. But what is the worst food to eat on a holiday dinner and why? 

Well, a survey taken this year asked over 2000 adults on what food was the most disgusting to eat for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And a whopping 68% said that cranberry sauce was the worst. I myself have eaten warm cranberry sauce made from my grandma’s hand and it was just delicious. It went so well with the turkey stuffing I did not understand why people hate this traditional sauce so much until I saw the photos of how it was served and let me tell you, it was so disgusting. 

Most people make cranberry sauce no more, they actually buy it because it might take a little bit too much effort to prepare for just a side dish. People have focused more on making the first dishes like turkey and greens and left the stores to take care of preparing the sauce for them. But what is even more disturbing is that some families serve the dish as it is from the can. Now because the sauce is conserved it takes a more jello-ish type of consistency so people just cut it in pieces or serve it on the table as it is. 

Now no one likes to eat food that looks conserved and fake it just makes them look unappetizing than they actually are. Most of the people in the survey admitted eating the sauce just for the sake of tradition even though they hated the taste of it and the way it looked. The survey found out that people did not just hate cranberry sauce bit also disliked greens to some extent and admitted that other kinds of meat are more tasteful than turkey. So what should we do about it? 

It is up to Millennials to change tradition I guess. Millennials are feasting and dining in a totally different way than the old heads. Most of them claim that they do not even think about preparing traditional food but stick to grilled meat that is very tasty, potatoes, sauces like ketchup and BBQ and probably some takeaway too. So this is probably the beginning of the end of a tradition that is no longer that tasty and the beginning of something more delicious.

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