Update on Donald Trump’s Health After He and Melania Trump Were Diagnosed With Coronavirus.

Last night, the Trump couple have been diagnosed with Coronavirus giving the elections a whole new plot twist. It was Melania herself giving the news.

Now we have some important update on their health ever since both of them were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The public, of course had a lot of opinions to express. Some of them started focusing on the past and how maybe this is just karma while others started wishing them well.

However, concerns are raising regarding Trump health since he is at a particular age now and it is now easy for him to get healed from the virus.

According to hospital officials Trump is at a high risk of dying right now, since he is at a particular age.

Melania has given an update on his condition and the news has shocked the people all around.

Let’s see together what she has said about his health.

It wasn’t longer than a few days ago that the President Trump participated in the first election debates against Joe Biden.

The arguments between Trump and Biden were not expected to be civilized at all and this has been unfolding all over the internet now.

The tensions between the two have been felt for days now and reached a new peak last night. 

Just earlier this week the heated energy between the two was about to explode and it did reach to a point of boiling.

And this unfolded into a moment that people were unprepared to see.

Joe Biden raised his voice against Trump for speaking over him and that is when things took a new turn.

People started going against Biden for being unprofessional and not controlling himself. 

However there were others that supported that action and could relate to what Biden had to say.

People learned a lot during the one hour and a half debate.

One of the things people learned is…

The new accusations about Trump taking advantage of his position to pay almost non existent taxes.

The news that surfaced said that Trump paid only $750 yearly tax during 2016 which if it’s true it is truly scandalous. 

However, Trump responded saying that he has paid millions of dollars of income tax.

That is when Biden asked Trump for proof of paying these taxes, saying that Trump has taken advantage of the tax code. 

Another thing that people asked from Trump was to punish white supremacist groups.

However, despite all the fighting and fussing about the Presidency, Trump’s position now is in great danger due to catching Coronavirus. 

Trump has been infected with the virus that has killed more than 200,000 Americans. He had this to say on Twitter last night.

This caused a massive reaction on Twitter of people saying all kinds of things from well wishes to saying this was karma hitting Trump in the face. 

Now the latest news is that Trump has been rushed to the ER with fatigue.

He was seeing giving a thumbs up at the White House lawn just before he was rushed to the hospital showing symptoms of the virus.

Melania is doing very well and Trump says the same about himself but doctors are still doubtful about this. 

His symptoms are still mild and he is experiencing fever, cough, nose congestion, and fatigue. 

He is currently being treated at Reed National Military Medical Center. We will continue the update on the story as it develops. 

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