How to love someone with anxiety

The feeling that everyone they get attached to will leave is constantly on their minds for people with anxiety. The majority of them will end a relationship themselves. It has nothing to do with the other person; it is just that they feel insecure when it comes to relationships. They will worry all the time, and they won’t want to burden with all their thoughts. In the end, they will cut people off or push them away out of fear that they are going to leave them.

They are worth the fight.

It may seem odd sometimes to argue or have fights with them on some unrelated topics that they suddenly made up in their head. It is more important that you don’t stop fighting for them. In the end, if you can push through the dumb fights and arguments, everything will be ten times better.

Say these two words constantly.

Uttering the phrase ‘It’s okay’ can never be said enough. Just those two words can keep them calm and assure them that nothing will turn out as they picture it in their head.

Listening to them is pretty important.

The scenarios they make up in their minds about how things can turn out in the future will sometimes be too much. But one basic thing you can do is listen to them. Most of the time, the scenarios won’t make sense, and you will have no idea how they made something up, but listening can help a lot.

They aren’t overreacting.

To you, many of the things they say may seem like overreactions or the sum of them overthinking things. When they are opening up to you and start saying things that you haven’t heard before, most likely, those things will be what keeps them up at night. Them may seem irrational, but you can hurt them if you say they are just overreacting.

A lot of sleepless nights

There will be nights where you turn around in your bed and see them wide awake, staring at the ceiling. They probably woke up or haven’t even gone to sleep. Just hold them close; most of the time, it will calm them down and help them fall asleep.

Trusting someone is scary to them. 

They will always think of the worst-case scenario first. Their mind immediately goes there. You may cross paths with your ex, and all they think about is whether you are cheating on them. You may say you are going out with a friend, and they will assume that the friend is trying to break you up. It is not that they don’t trust you, but they are scared that they will get hurt if something bad happens.

Texting back timely helps a lot.

You can notice that when you text them, they are answering right away. So make an effort to do the same. Don’t let unanswered texts haunt them. If you are silent, they will immediately think that either they are bothering you or you are somewhere doing something that you don’t want them to know. You can even text them back that you are busy at the moment and that you will talk to them as soon as they are free.

Sending double texts

They aren’t trying to be annoying; double texts show that they care too much for you. You may look at your phone, and they have blasted you with texts, don’t get mad; they are just showing you that they are thinking of you.

They sometimes don’t want to go out.

There will be times that they will cancel plans last minute, or you have already gone out, and all of a sudden, they want to leave. It would help if you didn’t beat yourself up, know that something happened and they couldn’t be there anymore. Parties can have many triggers for them, and even the tiniest thing can set the anxiety off. Try to interact with them more, or they will stand there awkwardly, or at the end of the night, you will be carrying them out of the party because they drank too much to feel better.

Accept all apologies

Apologies will come your way a lot. They notice how you act with them, and even the slightest shift in your attitude, they will think that they have done something wrong or they have said something to upset you.

Try to help but also take a step back when you can’t

They are used to dealing with things alone, so sometimes it helps to be close to them and help out in any way you can. They will never ask for it or admit that they are going through a rough period, even if they have gone through 5 meltdowns in one day. The moment you notice they are at the brink of falling apart, and then you come in, making things a bit better.

When they do start trusting you, they will never stop loving you.

They might be bad in social situations, double text you all the time, messing up plans, but one thing that people with anxiety are amazing at is loving you. They can show you how much they care and love you like nobody else. Trust is one thing, and it might take them some time to trust you, but when they do, the love they give you is out of this world.

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