30+ pictures of customers caught being rude

Everybody that has worked in customer service knows how people can be annoying and even rude sometimes. We have no idea who first said that customers are always right, but it had to be someone that didn’t work in a customer service environment.

When you see some of the things that customers do, you will ask yourself, how is this even real? Many customers have been caught doing some outrages things, and with the benefit of technology, they have ended up on the internet. Here are some of the rudest customers that were caught on camera.

1. Not the right way to show gratitude

Never leave pennies as a tip.

2. Out of order

A customer assaulted this worker. Something that should never happen.

3. Show who they are

This store owner posted photos on the windows of all the people that were caught stealing.

4. Is this person serious?

This customer left a small tip because he didn’t get his 83 cents change.

5. Are you seeing this?

Let’s hope this review doesn’t get seen.

6. Are you tired, sir?

This guy decided to sit down on the fridge in the store.

7. Learn to write

We see how you spelled ‘super’ there.

8. Leave the kids at home

Because of some people, others have to live with the consequences.

9. That is not an ashtray

Even if you decided to throw the cigarette buds there, at least thrown them away after you are done.

10. Straight up stealing

This woman was caught stealing a cat.

11. Oh, come on

These ladies left a note for the waitress, saying to stop calling men babe.

12. No tip

It would be best if you always left a tip.

13. Read the signs

If both signs don’t apply to you, you are in the clear.

14. Respect the working hours

If the restaurant works until 3 pm, then leave before 3 pm.

15. New tip jar

They put a photo on the new tip jar of the woman who stole the old one.

16. Taking money off your bill

This customer wasn’t satisfied with the service, so he took money off the bill and left.

17. Crazy

This girl started ripping the card machines and throwing them at employees.

18. We got to go

The time that you spent writing that you must go, you could have left a tip.

19. What does that mean?

This customer just wrote Vietnam and paid less.

20. What happened before?

What could have happened for the store to put the ice cream on lock.

21. Take your carts back!

People are leaving their shopping carts on a parking spot for disabled people.

22. Do you see what we see?

What is that in her top?

23. Tape can fix everything

Some customers wanted to return a ripe pear, and they put some tape on it.

24. That is quite disgusting

Someone replaced a bra in the store with their old one.

25. Just awful

This café wanted to provide some board games for customers to have fun. But some don’t even bother to return them in the state they took them.

26. This couldn’t be real

Someone left their baby’s diaper on the plate.

27. Get a wallet

This owner was fed up with customers pulling out cash from places it shouldn’t be.

28. We all know what that is

We don’t even want to say it, take a look.

29. Stealing key from a keyboard

Somebody was missing some keys.

30. What are you doing?

This woman climbed in a freezer at the store.

31. Clean up after yourself

At least get a waiter to take care of it before you go.

32. Although it’s stealing, it is funny

Someone stole a Hot Wheels car and wrote Grand Theft Auto on the box.

33. Rude pet owners

Someone brought their dog to the pet shop and used a brush.

34. Leave them how you found them

Customers are leaving boxes open with all the products on the ground.

35. Testing the spray paint

Somebody took the spray paint and sprayed it on the tiles.

36. Why would people do this?

Someone thought it was funny to leave a tip like this.

37. You not at home

This guy thought it was a good idea to put his feet up.

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