Japanese artist transforms rock into tiny animals

Wherever you set your eye upon in the world, you will see some art. People may think that art can only be seen in the museum, movies, can be heard in music, but don’t be fooled, art can be found everywhere. The main thing is to take some time a look at things differently. This way, the world will open up new doors, and in those new doors, there are things that you may not have seen before. We can also create art, that is if we have the skill for it.

What is the first thing you see or think about when you see a piece of rock? For many people, a piece of rock is just a regular thing that you can find and see anywhere, and there is nothing really special about it. Well, good luck saying that to Akie Nakasta. She is a Japanese artist who transforms ordinary rocks into pieces of art. She sees them for what they could be, not what they are. When Akie takes an ordinary rock, stone, or pebble, she transforms them into animals.  Depending on the shape and size, she decides what animal the rock should be.

She is like most artists out in the world who see things that some of us will never be able to see. She has even said that it isn’t important to her how much detail or how much time she spends on one rock. What is important is that she sees the potential of the rock and what it could become.

Check out some of these works of art from Nakasta.

Gorgeous eyes

Just so cute

Lovely pug

Mother and child otter

Sweet little kitty

Fluffy dog

Baby possums and their mama

Who’s a good boy

Kitty cat

King of the jungle

Nakasta has also said that each stone has its intentions, and when she gets to know them, she begins transforming them.

Owl family

Realistic bird

Cute raccoon

Simply amazing

Tiny hippo

He is looking at you

Brilliant details

Each rock look unique

She gives her all to make this look as realistic as possible.

Can you get more creative?

This beaver is amazing.

She says there are no limits to her art.

Each animal that you see is pretty special.

Look at this little sea lion.

Her work looks so realistic that you think that she is holding a real-life animal in her hands.

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