A Guy Removes his Girlfriend’s Floor That he Paid for – After He Caught her With Another Man

After finding out through a friend that his girlfriend might be cheating on him in her house, this man immediately headed to her house and found out about the other man. He removed all of the new floorings that he paid for in her house.

After the situation, he was confronted by his girlfriend, read on, and find out what happened next!

when your gf cheats but you paid for her floor

Just try and put yourself in the shoes of this guy. After paying and installing all of the floorings for your girlfriend’s house, you end up finding out that she is actually cheating on you with another guy for months.

How do you actually react to this news? I know what I’d do. I’d head out to her house and take what’s mine! And, that’s exactly what the guy did!

What else should he do? Leave her with the new floorings that he installed for her and paid for? I’d say no!

After taking another look in the video, the guy decided to tap up the air filter in order to keep his work clean and doesn’t blow dust all around the house. He even took trashcans so he can clean after him.

The girlfriend basically walked into her house and found out that her brand new flooring was missing.

He can just take out the flooring without the cleaning and leave a house full of dust for his ex to clean. But instead, he decided to be the “Bigger Man” despite the whole ordeal.

If you’re asking me, I will leave everything after I chisel out all of the floorings. And, I wouldn’t even put the air filter.


The girl was surprised by the guy’s reaction, and she stated that he’s overreacting.

Really?! You should be happy that you have your house cleaned!

She told him that he’s being childish with his attempt to get back to her, but if you ask me, I actually think that seeing his friend is the more childish move out of the two.

Yeah, in some situations taking out the flooring would be too much, but in this one, I think that the girl deserves that after seeing this guy’s friend.

I don’t actually understand why she’s acting surprised with the situation? What did she expect? Him saying, “sorry babe, that you cheated on me”?

She should be the one apologizing to him after he found out about everything and begging him for forgiveness.

He showed her how he feels without ever saying one word. And, now, she’s doing all the talking.

She never decided to debate things with him. Her only defense was that he’s childish and that he shouldn’t have done that. But why is he childish?

Seeing your boyfriend’s friend is not what grown-ups do. Am I the only one who thinks like this?

Now, he’s using his “immaturity” as the reason why she started seeing his friend.

Instead of being grateful to him for installing and buying her new flooring, she went out and messed about with his friend. Now that’s what you don’t call maturity!

And, let’s not take any blame off of the guy’s friend. If this guy’s friend was so mature, why would he go out with his friend’s girlfriend?

In my opinion, she ended up with the less mature guy of the two!

After everything being said and done, the girl had the nerves to insult her ex for growing up without a father, and somehow she spun the whole thing and used it as a reason for his immaturity and a justification as to why she started seeing his friend. Now, that’s a low lever to fall to.

This brings up how childish she actually is. She literally used her ex’s childhood trauma as a justification for her cheating.

The fact that he grew up and got past that shows how mature he actually is.

It seems as though she’s trying to rub salt on his wounds. First, she cheats on him with his friend, and then she ends up reminding him that his father left him when he was young.

If you ever doubted the motives of this girl, now you have your answer. She showed her true colors with this move!

This man ended up losing his girlfriend, hours of work, and a friend within the span of a couple of hours. And, on top of all that, he even got insulted by someone he really loved.


He might be feeling bad at the moment, but he has to remember. He at least has flooring in his house, unlike his ex!

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