Trump’s border vision crosses any humane sign as he asks border shutdown on the meeting of last weekend.

The U.S.A and Mexico border have been a controversial topic ever since Donald Trump climbed up the stairs to be the President of the United States. He has expressed clearly that he cannot stand the migrants in his country and that he will do anything to stop them from entering. But while his imagination has surpassed any limit, his orders aren’t any better as he tried to shut down the entire 2000 mile Mexico border. Such was of ruling a country is not idealistic at all.

The White House advisers tried to reason with Trump when he did the reauest because they know for sure the results if they decide to suddenly follow an order like that. First of all blocking and completely stopping the border can block a lot of tourists in Mexico, but can also affect the American economy. To not mention the people who’s routine is day on and day off Mexico. If they were to take such a decision, it would literally cause so much chaos is everyone’s life, maybe besides the president’s life.

Early on the President’s fantasy according to people inside the White House, Trump thinks of the wall as surrounded by pond full of snakes and alligators. On the other hand, he wants to add spiked fence on top of the wall an connect it to high voltage electricity to fry every person that tries to crosses the border without permission. He also wanted to give permission to the guards to shoot everyone who crosses the border until his advisors interfered and said that is something illegal and it cannot be done. Then Trump wanted for the guards to shoot people in the leg in order to scare them and to slow them down but again his advisors said that cannot be done.

He has been losing it lately, and during this last meeting, people came outside nearly experiencing a panic attack as President Trump had heated arguments and said that he cannot stay there and listen to his advisors who are making him look like an idiot. Since this is all that he could do for the matter of the wall for the moment, then he decided to order the shutdown of the U.S. Mexico border that is more than 2000 miles of length and a lot of people in between them.

It seems like Trump doesn’t care really much about the whole humane side of the situation. Instead he just wants the immigrants out of America and he will not stop until he gets this done. This controversial topic has brought about the attention of every media in the U.S. where people are still wondering if they should build the way or now. That is the only thing that I love about Trump and that is being able to sell your idea to people even if it’s fake. It is all a game played in time after all.

And the one who plays the game the best is the one who wins. Well, I guess Trump has to learn how to back down from time to time. Because shooting at people and throwing them at the alligators, feels like you have not been up for a long long time when you first were elected. This is what this man capable of in less than 4 years. Imagine if he gets re-elected again. Let’s just hope not and send our love and compassion to the families that need help and are struggling with all this border conflict.

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