Dad Donates his Kidney To Save his Little Girl

Dad Donates his Kidney To Save his Little Girl

Losing one of your kids while you’re still alive is one of the hardest things you can go through as a parent. And that’s what happened with Karen Roda’s and Paul Rybkin’s son Nathaniel who lived to his 36th year. This happened because of the fact that their son was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which lead to cysts growing in Nathaniel’s kidneys, and soon after, it led to the failure of his kidneys.

Back in 2013, the couple from New Jersey had their second child, Maddy. And, sadly for them, Maddy was also suffering from the same disease as her brother. But, this time, after a two-year-long hard battle with the disease, this young girl got a lifeline from her father. 

As a result of the disease, Maddy’s stomach was swollen, and she had that condition for the first 18 months of her life. She spent most of them in the hospital. All the hospital visits, tubes, and oxygen treatments aside, Maddy was doing just fine. But, after the first 18 months, her health started failing her. 

She was exhausted all of the time, sometimes sleeping even 18 hours a day. She was vomiting a lot, and clearly, she wasn’t doing well. Doctors told her parents that she might die unless they find some suitable kidney donor. 

Surgery was a Success!

After a couple of days, the doctors identified Maddy’s father, Paul, as a match for a donor, and he was more than happy to give his daughter a second chance of life. 

Karen, Maddy’s mother, was feeling nervous and anxious because, as she puts it, her two most precious soul in the universe were both going under the knife. 

Luckily, the whole surgery went perfectly, and the operation was a success. They were both perfectly fine after the transplantation. 

After the whole fuss was over, Paul modestly stated that he did what every parent would’ve done for their child.

Another Challenge in 25 Years!

Paul stated that he thinks that everyone would do that for their child. And despite the fact that they had gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, everything was fine now, his daughter was happy and healthy after the surgery. He continued by telling us that they are so glad to see their little girl growing and living a healthy life. In 25 years-time, Maddy will need another kidney transplant, but for now, that seems like a century away for the family! 

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