An autistic child with a hugging habit is accused by the school as a sexual offender.

It is truly embarrassing and pitiful the kind of way that some people get treated just because they are different from us. The social stigma and these disgusting, A student’s bureaucrats who have social jobs and for the sake of their duty decide to treat everyone else the same. You know who I am talking about. It’s these robots that have no heart that no matter how bad is your problem, they put on a fake smile and might say something like: “We are sorry, but these are the procedures.”

How can a five-year-old with autism be called a sexual offender? What kind of twisted system do we live in? Most people nowadays want to blame the rich and the government for everything that happens. But it is really not their fault. It is the people. It is the people who create the system and the wicked ways that we are treated. If you think about it, it is not the system that keeps you sick when you cannot afford healthcare. It is the employee, (meaning the doctor or whoever is behind the desk), that decides to follow the rules in a harmfully precise manner.

Nathan is only five years old and his life is already hard enough. He suffers from autism and the only way for him to cope with is by hugging other people. His guardian taught him that when you hug other people you show love and affection so when Nathan went to school he started hugging other kids to show love to them. But unfortunately this affection that he showed to other people got twisted and the school system decided to punish him by following the policy and the rules of the so-called ‘civilized’ society.

Poor Nathan had no bad intentions. He was only trying to socialize. He got many warnings from the school about hugging other kids with no permission. But he is autistic, which means that he cannot control the way that he behaves. Apparently the school doesn’t care about this. They labeled him a sexual offender and filed a criminal case against this five-year-old. I mean seriously. He is only five years old and according to the law, he must be an adult to be judged, not to mention the fact that the school oversaw completely that the boy suffered from autism. What kind of twisted way of thinking is this?

Nathan’s grandmother took things off to social media writing a whole post on Facebook about the disgusting way that her nephew was treated. After getting the attention of the public, only then did the school cancel the criminal claim and put Nathan in special education. But it is truly horrendous that they had to go through so much to get justice put into place. We have created a sick system where an autistic five-year-old can be labeled for life as a sexual offender and that can show up on all his records when he grows up.

It is up to each and every one of us to be the change we want to see in the world.

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