Trump supporter surprises a black waiter when he left a HUGE tip and a heartwarming note.

You know how we are all divided into classes and races and social statuses and it is all a game that the government has invented in order to keep us fighting with each other? Well sometimes this trick does not work on a person or it works so well that they transform for better because of it. Like this cowboy, the client did when he decided to something so significant and great that made the entire month of the black waiter who served him. And it is not about the money as much as it is about good words.

Busboys & Poets is a bar in Washington D.C. where Rosalynd Harris works as a waitress. She does her best to be polite with people and to make sure they have a great time and the service is all positive and professional. She had participated in Women’s March lately. A couple of guys in cowboy hats came in the bar and they were in D.C. all the way from Texas and all because of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Just because they were Trump supporters it didn’t mean they were devils.

When they left and Rosalynd went on to see the ticket she saw that the guy had left a $450 tip for her and a heartwarming note. The note said that if people would share love unconditionally just like Rosalynd had shared her smile, the world would be at peace. It was a really noble decision to leave that much of a tip. But money aside, the note says it all. The guy might be a Trump supporter by I respect for what he stands for.

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