Look at this bear doing a belly flip while taking a bath in the pool.

With this hot summer breaking the records with its temperatures, it’s no wonder to see strange and even funny stuff happen. Even animals are going nuts with the hot weather that has been outside. It doesn’t happen quite often to see an animal do something that might make us giggle, but when it does, it is something taken out of a book or children story and it gets even better when you have the whole thing on video for the world to see. Like this bear.

Look at this fuzzy bear taking a dip in the pool while doing belly flip, as he enjoys the cool water that might give him a little comfort with all the heat that goes on out there. The bear climbs the pool’s stairs as he jumps in without thinking it twice. When you look at his face it is as if he is smiling from the joy of taking that bath, while he gets out of the pool to climb and repeat the whole process again without ever getting bored from it. The video has gone viral and is no surprise for this.

Bear’s natural habitat are forests where they can hide the blazing sun under the shadows of the long trees, and they can dip in the rivers. They usually find a deep cave to stay where there will be cool and fresh inside. Since their fur is really thick, this gives them terrible hot if they stay under the sun for a really long time. So is no wonder to see this bear act like this. The poor thing must have been sweating like a beast.

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