A 60-year-old woman that already looks young, gets a makeover to make her look and feel even younger.

Age is nothing but a number in our brain. If you want you can feel 20 when you are 70. My father is the literal proof of this. He turns 55 this September but he looks like he just turned 40. I don’t know how he does it but it is truly magical. I was looking at a photo of a family gathering two days ago and he looked the youngest of them all. Even younger than my 36-year-old uncle. This lady that is turning 60 already looks in her 40’s, so this makeover made her look fantastic.

‘The Makeover Guy’ or better yet, Christopher Hopkins, makes magic when it comes to transforming someone’s appearance. Especially when that someone is above 45 and they already look young. Just like Stephany. Her look was already amazing but she wanted something new and fresh and so she got it. Christopher went on to work and changed her hairstyle to curly blonde, instead of the previous straight brown. He did his best work and the result was amazing.

Stephanie’s girl is calling and texting all day long because she cannot wait to see the final result. Hopkins did his magic with the makeup on her face and now Stephanie looks younger than ever. The commenters say that if she looked 45 before the makeover, now she definitely can attract ‘younger’ guys. Of course, Christopher Hopkins never lets down when it comes to having a total makeover and this one was one of his best works done so far.

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